Christina L. Ager

Professor Emeritus, School of Education

Taylor Hall, Room 307 (215) 572-2115

About Me

Christina Ager, Ph.D. is a Professor of Special Education at Arcadia. She was the founder and Executive Director of the B2EST Program of Arcadia University, which worked with numerous schools, state and regional agencies and departments of Education to improve school culture and climate. The B2EST program also provided classroom based programming for students in the School District of Philadelphia who require emotional support services as well as doing extensive consulting and training nationally centering on improving services for students with emotional and behavioral challenges. She and Dr. Adriana Gonzalez-Lopez, also created and directed Arcadia’s Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis on-line programs. 

Dr. Ager has been working in the field of special education since 1978, and has worked with people with special needs from infancy into adulthood. Dr. Ager began her career as an assistant in a public school “mixed category” classroom, leaving public school to work at Lehigh University’s Centennial School with students with severe behavioral challenges. After 8 years at Centennial, she took a job as a research scientist on a federal grant from the Office of Special Education to reintegrate students with challenging behaviors into regular schools. During this time she completed her doctorate at Lehigh University in Special Education.

She has chaired the Task Force on Youth Violence for the School District of Philadelphia and been on a number of advisory boards for Positive Behavior Support.  She has published articles on self-management, choice making, behavior and ethics, and developing programs to support positive behavior. Dr. Ager is currently a member of the PA State Leadership Team for the PA Community of Practice for School Based Behavioral Health. Currently she is exploring the use of mindfulness based practices in schools.