Christina M. Brown

Professor / Chair, Psychology

Boyer 122 1 (215) 572-4695

About Me

Dr. Christina Brown is a social-personality psychologist. Her research explores how aspects of the self and our social and emotional experiences influence behavior. For example, she studies how self-concept structure moderates a number of basic psychological processes, such as memory and self-regulation. Her other research interests include evolutionary psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and relationships between humans and pets.

Courses taught at Arcadia:
Social Psychology (PY331; every Fall semester)
Personality Psychology (PY332; every Spring semester)
Evolutionary Psychology (PY280; every Fall semester)
Introduction to Psychology (PY111; taught Spring 2014 and Spring 2015)
Psychology of Emotion (PY285; taught Spring 2013)
Culture as a Lens: South Korea (GFS181; taught Spring 2015 and Spring 2016)



Areas Of Focus

self-concept, self-complexity, self-regulation, emotions, evolutionary psychology, mating, pets, parasocial relationships, social rejection and acceptance, cross-cultural psychology

Palmdale, CA

Home Country

English, Japanese

Education History

Miami University 2009

Doctor of Philosophy, Major in Social Psychology

University of Dayton 2005

Master of Arts, Major in General Psychology

California State University, Bakersfield 2003

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology

Minor in Sociology