Kim Moran

Adjunct Professor, Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

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About Me

Kimberlee Sue Moran has been a forensic consultant and educator since 2002, both in the UK and US. Kimberlee has worked on a number of cases in a range of capacities.  In 2010 she helped to launch the JDI Centre for Forensic Science at University College London and is the found of Forensic Outreach, a UK-based resource for forensic education.  She runs training workshops for local law enforcement that include blowing up transit buses and digging up dead animals.  Her doctoral research was in the field of ancient fingerprints and her current research is in taphonomy, the process of decomposition.  Kimberlee is passionate about outreach and science education and is a regular participant and speaker for the Philadelphia Science Festival working in collaboration with the College of Physicians and the Laurel Hill Cemetery.  She is an active member of the Society for American Archaeology, the UK Fingerprint Society, the Association for Women in Forensic Science, and Forensic Archaeology Recovery.   She serves as the Assistant Program Director of the Arcadia University Masters of Forensic Science Program and also teaches forensic science for Rutgers-Camden. Kimberlee holds an undergraduate degree in archaeology from Bryn Mawr College and a Masters of Science in forensic archaeological science from the Institute of Archaeology at University College London. 

Areas Of Focus

forensic archaeology, forensic taphonomy, fingerprinting, environmental forensics