Maja Subasic

Program Coordinator, International Peace and Conflict Resolution

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About Me

Maja Subasic, M.A., earned a B.A. in Sociology-Anthropology and German Language from Elizabethtown College and an M.A. in Cultural Sustainability from Goucher College. Her master’s thesis focused on the politicization and destruction of Yugoslav national and individual cultural identity with an emphasis on the roles played by the international community, media, and western scholars in propagating the issues in the recent Balkan conflict through oversimplification and misconstruing of the facts. By allowing Yugoslavs to re-tell their own history through their personal accounts, Maja hopes to help Yugoslavs reclaim their cultural identity and help other groups sustain their sense of self and community through times of conflict. Maja has studied abroad in Marburg, Germany where she researched the evolution of German media since the end of World War II. Her other research interests include the formation of subcultures, Balkan culture, the societal effects of cultural deviance, rituals involved in superstition, prevention of genocide, the history of body modification, ethnic foodways and music. She has worked with several subcultures to help them sustain their cherished ways of life including the Goths and the Pennsylvania Germans. She is also a translator and interpreter of Serbo-Croatian, German, and English, as well as a student of classical 17th century French-style fencing.

Plymouth Meeting, PA

Home Country
Bosnia Herzegovina

Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, German

Education History

Goucher College 2013

Master of Arts , Major in Cultural Sustainability

Elizabethtown College 2009

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Sociology-Anthropology and German

Phillips University of Marburg 2008