Maggie Longacre

Assistant Professor, Public Health

214 Brubaker Hall (215) 572-8547

About Me

Margaret Longacre, Ph.D., has a doctoral degree in Health Policy from the University of the Sciences (Philadelphia, PA). Dr. Longacre also received an M.S. in Health Education from Arcadia University and a B.A. in Psychology from Wake Forest University. She teaches courses in health care systems and public health policy as well as research methods and capstone advising. Her research interest revolves around informal or family caregiving, including understanding health system impacts. She is currently funded by the American Cancer Society for a project assessing the feasibility of an integrated-caregiver portal system with colleagues at Fox Chase Cancer Center. She has also been involved in collaboration with the National Alliance for Caregiving for various projects, including a recent report on "Sandwich Generation Caregivers" (those providing care to an adult and have children in the home). 

Prior to joining the faculty at Arcadia University, Dr. Longacre was the Director of Research at the Cancer Support Community (CSC). At CSC, Dr. Longacre led several caregiving research initiatives. She was also a co-author of a national report on cancer caregiving (“Cancer Caregiving in the U.S.: An Intense, Episodic and Challenging Care Experience”) with the National Alliance for Caregiving and the National Cancer Institute.  In addition, she also led several analyses to understand patient perception of value in cancer care as well as access to services.

Prior employment also included working at Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) under the direction and mentoring of Dr. Carolyn Fang, Co-Leader of the Cancer Prevention and Control program. While at FCCC, Dr. Longacre initiated a study to identify the information needs and psychosocial experiences of family caregivers for head and neck cancer patients. She has several publications on informal caregiving, including demonstrating relevance to broader health system and policy issues.

Education History

University of the Sciences

PhD, Major in Health Policy

Arcadia University

MSHE, Major in Health Education

Wake Forest University

BA, Major in Psychology


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