Steve Robbins

Professor, Psychology

Boyer Hall, Room 130 1 (215) 572-2987 By Appointment

About Me

I received my B.A. in psychology from Haverford College in 1984 and my Ph.D from the University of Pennsylvania in experimental psychology in 1989.  My research in graduate school focused on basic learning processes with nonhuman animals.  In 1990 I began conducting research on learning processes involved in drug addiction and relapse following treatment at the University of Pennsylvania Treatment Research Center.  I became an Arcadia faculty member in 1996.  During my time at Arcadia, I have collaborated with students on research in a variety of areas including visual attention, nonconscious influences on behavior (priming), behavioral mechanisms underlying drug taking, art therapy treatment efficacy, and therapy relationship factors.  i teach a variety of courses including Introductory Psychology, Learning and Cognition, and Research Methods.

Areas Of Focus

learning and memory, nonconscious information processing, art therapy efficacy


Home Country


Education History

Haverford College 1984

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology

University of Pennsylvania 1989

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Experimental Psychology