Tatjana Milenkovic

Associate Professor, Chemistry and Physics

Boyer 320 1 (215) 572-2128

About Me

I am a full time physics professor Arcadia since 2012. My field or research is experimental particle physics. Ask me about neutrinos and dark matter! I am native of Serbia - former Yugoslavia and Serbian is my first language. I also speak language of physics, that is, somewhat broken English. My undergraduate Alma Mater is University of Belgrade.  My graduate Alma Mater is Drexel University where I had a great opportunity to work on breakthrough particle physics experiment called KamLAND. Since 2000, Philadelphia is my home town. 

Areas Of Focus

Experimental Particle Physics

Home Country

Serbian, English

Education History

Drexel University 2009

Ph.D, Major in Physics

University of Belgrade

Bachelor of Science, Major in Physics