Wayne A. Morra

Professor, School of Global Business

Brubaker Hall - Room 319 1 (215) 572-2125 Easily reached for appointment: morraw@arcadia.edu

About Me

Professor Morra has been at Arcadia University for 34 years and has taught in the MBA for all of the 22 cohorts. While teaching and researching at Arcadia, Professor Morra has also been involved with the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program for the last 18 years promoting the conservation of endangered species including primates and marine turtles on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea, West Africa. His interests focus on the economic factors influencing the bushmeat hunting of endangered animals in growing economy fueled by the discovery of offshore oil in the region.  Recently Professor Morra has been working with Professor Thomas Brinker on the Caribbean Island focusing on alternative energy to meet the island’s energy demand and an examination of cruise ship tourism’s influence on the island.  Areas of specialization: Natural Resource Economics, Econometrics.

Areas Of Focus

Natural Resources, Alternative Energy, Biodiversity