Rona Pondick: Scrap

February 6–March 3, 1991
Beaver College Art Gallery


An installation of new sculpture entitled "Scrap" by New York artist Rona Pondick will be exhibited from February 6 to March 3, 1991 at the Beaver College Art Gallery, located in the Spruance Art Center on the campus at Church and Easton Roads.

There will be an artist's lecture on Wednesday, February 13, 1991 at 6:00 PM in the Little Theatre, followed by a public reception in the gallery in honor of Pondick. Both events are open to the public and free of charge.

Installation view.

Pondick, described as "one of the most important and original female artists" by Village Voice art critic Elizabeth Hess, is one of a new generation of Arte povera artists who employ aesthetically potent cast-off and discarded material to create their work. Pondick, who received her MFA from Yale University where she studied with Joel Shapiro, has her roots in minimalism, but her art has been compared in psychological content and use of materials to sculptors such as Louise Bourgeois and Eva Hesse.

Installation view, rear gallery.

Pondick's ongoing thematic investigations center around the Freudian premise that the life of the psyche is as much a biological story as a social one. Within these parameters, she pays particular attention to the realm of female eroticism and representation. Her fetishistic work, strongly surrealist, utilizes images of the body, its parts, waste products, and intimate accoutrements such as beds, bottles, and shoes to direct the viewer's attention to our culture's ambivalent fascination with "taboo" subjects such as excrement, mother's milk, and other body fluids and functions. The psychological ramifications of our most basic fixations and the blurred boundary between sacred and profane in our society are Pondicks's provocative and continuing subjects.

Installation view, detail, rear gallery.

"Scrap," as installation of works created especially for the Beaver College Art Gallery as part of its "Transformations" series, includes pieces made of shoes, lace, and polyester stuffing; wax, plastic and comic books; bayb shoes, picture wire and polyester; and wax, plastic, and rubber teeth. Playing off the possible connotations evoked by its title — discarded objects, a tussle, "scrapmeat" — the exhibit addresses issues of physical fragmentation and sexual ambiguity.

Pondick is represented in New York by Fiction / Non-Fiction Gallery where she will have a one person show in April 1991. Other solo exhibitions include those at Asher-Faure Gallery in Los Angleles; The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston; and The Sculpture Center in New York City.

Pondick's work will be included in the 1991's prestigious Whitney Biennial at The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City. She also has exhibited in several group exhibitions in Paris, Cologne, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and New York City.

"Scrap" will be documented in a spring 1991 publication, which will include a text by noted curator and critic Christian Leigh.

"Scrap" has been funded by the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington D.C., the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, the Friends of Beaver College Art Gallery, and the Beaver College Department of Fine Arts.