School of Education

Master's Programs

Forward-Thinking Certification Programs

Arcadia University has long been in the forefront of providing quality teacher education programs in more than 21 different areas of certification to educators throughout the region. All instructional, intern, and supervisory/administrative certification programs are fully approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Innovative Master’s Programs

Arcadia has a long history of providing quality and well-respected Master of Education (M.Ed.) and Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.) degree programs. The University also offers an approved Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree in Educational Leadership, the highest level of training available for those seeking advancement in the field of education.

Master's and Doctoral programs in Education are designed to deepen and expand practice and knowledge beyond a Bachelor of Arts or an initial certification.

Coursework and programs emphasize the importance of the following:

  • Understanding the relationship between theory and practice with an emphasis on practitioner-based research.
  • Developing, planning and critically reviewing curriculum from a pedagogical and disciplinary perspective.
  • Understanding important leadership practices and how to facilitate change and collaboration.
  • Understanding the connection between assessment, decision making and best practices in order to serve all students.
  • Providing, through disciplines other than education, the factual and conceptual basis for curriculum content.

Individualized Programs

The overall structure of the Education programs provides coherence as well as choice and is flexible enough to accommodate individual needs. In addition, it is possible for an individualized program to be designed to meet special requirements. Interested students should contact the Dean of the School of Education.

Community and School-Based Outreach

Arcadia is committed to working with schools, educators, and cultural institutions to create opportunities for professional growth and educational improvement. In addition to offering workshops and special programs for educators and administrators, Arcadia works collaboratively with educational institutions to offer customized programs for staff development, certification, and graduate study. In order to meet the needs of busy professionals, Arcadia presents courses and programs at the University as well as at off-campus locations.