Senior Thesis Exhibition 1986

May 8–23, 1986
Benton Spruance Art Center


Beaver College's annual Senior Thesis exhibition will open on Thursday, May 8, 1986, in the Spruance Art Center on the campus at Easton and Church Roads.

This popular event, organized by fine arts chairman Jack Davis, is a collaborative effort between the entire art faculty and their senior students. Fine arts students work throughout their senior year to complete thesis projects. These may range from an interior design student designing an entierly new interior space for an existing building, to a painting student examining his of her own artistic and philosophical growth and illustrating that growth through works selected for the thesis exhibit.

Thirty-five students will demonstrate their skills in this year's exhibit, for which the art department's studios have been transformed into exhibition space. Areas represented include graphic design, interior design, painting, photography, art science, printmaking and metals/jewelry.

The students included in this years exhibition include: Suzzane Barrouk, Sherrilyn Lavaughn Berry-johnson, Laura L. Birnbrauer, Barry A. Brooks, Brett C. Carey, Pamela L. Chiartas, Cristi Defino, Lisa M. Diferdinando, Debra A. Earle, Marah H. Garry, Yelena Glikman, Joan M. Iannacone, Betsy Kloss, Barbara Kulp, Lisa Ann Lagerwall, Joann Locke, Erin Mccann, Deirdre Mcgrail, Eileen Moriarty, Patricia Myhre, Lillian M. O’brien, Laurie Pachkowski, Cindy J. Powers, Patricia H. Rauner, Darlene A. Rozzi, Linda M. Scarfi, Tom Sciascia, Mishel Smith, Tryntje R. Smith, Alison Sosnowski, Lynne Stiefel, Beverly Thomas, Chrysanthe Vlahides,  and Amy C. Wetzel.

The exhibition begins with an 8:00 to 10:30 PM reception honoring the young artists on Thursday, May 8, 1986, and will be open from 1:00 to 4:00 PM Sunday through Friday, through May 23, 1986. The exhibition is free, and open to the public.