Staff Handbook

Worker's Compensation

Revised January 28, 2019

As required by state law, Arcadia University employees (including student workers) are covered by Workers' Compensation Insurance. Any injury on the job must be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety, at 215-572-2999, who will dispatch an officer to the scene. The officer will render first aid, if needed, and in an emergency will call for an ambulance. The Public Safety officer will also notify your supervisor of the incident and complete an illness/injury report. The injured employee is required to contact the Office of Human Resources at 215-572-2788 as soon as practical after the injury, usually within 24 hours.

All injuries occurring at work must be treated for the first 90 days by one of the healthcare providers approved by the insurance company. Employee notices regarding work-related injuries, the list of approved healthcare providers, and the procedures to be followed, are posted on campus bulletin boards and are distributed to all employees. Employees who fail to use one of the approved treatment locations for the first 90 days may be responsible for payment of medical expenses incurred.

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