From the President

To the Arcadia University Community

Since their inception, colleges have stood as incubators of innovation. Arcadia University is no different.

Arcadia students, alumni, faculty, and staff around the world have incorporated innovation into their scholarship, professional lives, and community initiatives. While we always have an eye to the future and to progress, we know that our advancement will forever reflect the bold spirit of the first two graduates of our institution, the Class of 1856’s Sylvania Jones and Juliet A. Poundstone.

These two women left their homes in Lafayette County as teenagers to pursue an education at the newly formed Beaver Female Seminary. Their legacy lives on through alumni such as Meg Eubank ’05, ’07MEd, Dene Mitchell ’05, ’13MPH, Anita Feinberg ’74, and others featured in this issue who have incorporated a bold vision, responsibility, justice, and integrity into their professional pursuits.

The innovative spirit that winds its way through our community is seen daily through faculty scholarship and guidance; through the actions of our students; in the generosity of our donors; in the time and energy given by alumni who mentor Arcadia students; and in the community initiatives that improve our lives. I am proud to continue the legacy that all of our alumni have set forth, and I am grateful to do so alongside you.


Ajay Nair, Ph.D.