Student Handbook


Revised August 5, 2019


The letter of acceptance into a degree program in Business Administration, Counseling, Creative Writing, Education, English, and Public Health includes the name of the faculty adviser. Students are required to make an appointment or see their adviser upon admission to a program. At their conference, the student and adviser prepare a plan for the student’s entire program. The adviser will provide the student with a copy of the approved program; a copy will be retained in the adviser’s file. While students are welcome to consult with advisers as frequently as they wish, it is necessary to do so only in the following circumstances: when changes in the program are contemplated and when the student has completed the credits required to apply for admission to degree candidacy.. At the discretion of the adviser, changes in the program can be implemented by correspondence.

Transfer Credit

A maximum of 6 graduate credits earned at another institution may be considered for transfer at the time of admission into Arcadia University master’s degree programs in Counseling, Creative Writing, Education, English, and Public Health. Transfer credit is not accepted for the following programs; doctoral degrees in Education and Physical Therapy and master’s degrees in Business Administration, Forensic Science, International Peace and Conflict Resolution, and Medical Science (Physician Assistant). Transfer credits that are less than 10 years old at the time of degree completion may be counted as part of the degree. A grade of “B” or higher must have been earned; the student’s adviser must judge the courses to be relevant to the present program; and the institution that granted the credit must accept the course toward its own degree. Only 3-credit courses or multiples of 3 (i.e., 3 or 6) will be accepted. One-credit courses are not accepted under any circumstances. The student is responsible for supplying official descriptions of courses and any other supporting information requested by the adviser. Also, course credit previously used to fulfill graduate or undergraduate degree requirements may not be considered for transfer into any master’s degree program at Arcadia University. Submit completed transfer credit forms to the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies for approval. 

Transfer of Credit from Other Institutions After Admission

After admission, matriculated students must petition to enroll in a course at another institution with the intention of transferring the credits earned to their Arcadia University program. Students must provide their adviser with a full description of the course and the reasons for enrolling in it. Once the petition form is signed by the adviser, it is sent to the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies for a policy review. Approval is not usually granted for courses that are also offered at Arcadia University. Under no circumstances will more than 6 credits be accepted in transfer to an Arcadia University degree program. Forms are available on the following Web sites:,, and Forms are available in the Registrar’s Office (Taylor Hall, Room 103).