Student Handbook

Degree Status

Revised August 2, 2019

Admission to Degree Candidacy

Upon completion of 15 semester hours of credit, students enrolled in a part-time graduate degree program must submit an application of degree candidacy. Degree Candidacy is the academic program plan for the degree and must be on file in the Office of Graduate Studies at the time of Degree Completion. Students admitted to Arcadia University with transfer credits accepted toward the degree must make this application after completing 15 semester hours of Arcadia University credit. (The application form is available online at and in the Registrar’s Office.) In addition to being in good academic standing, students must obtain their adviser’s signature and submit the application to the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. Students in Creative Writing, Forensic Science, Genetic Counseling, Medical Science (Physician Assistant), Physical Therapy Master of Business Administration, International Peace & Conflict Resolution and the Doctor of Education programs are not required to apply for degree candidacy.

Changes in Degree Requirements

In an effort to keep Arcadia graduate programs current, changes in degree requirements may occur after students have begun their program of studies. In this case, students would be expected to fulfill the new requirements unless doing so causes undue hardship, that is, postpones graduation, requires credits beyond those required for a specified program, or prevents enrollment in a course especially needed by the student. Changes and updates are available at

Transfer to a New Degree Program or Concentration

A change of concentration in a Master of Education (M.Ed.) program or a Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.) program does not require re-application. A Change of Status form must be submitted to the Associate Dean for approval. Forms are available at and in the Registrar’s Office. Any change of status must be approved by the Associate Dean. Students in the Master of Arts in Counseling, Master of Arts in Creative Writing, Master of Arts in English, Master of Arts in Humanities, Master of Science in Health Education and Master of Public Health who want to change their program of study must provide additional application materials as required for the desired program. When all required materials have been received, the file will be sent to the appropriate department for review. An application fee is not required if the student is currently enrolled. Credits earned in the original program may apply to the new program if, in the opinion of the faculty adviser, they are appropriate to the new degree. Change of Status does not apply to master’s programs in Business Administration, Forensic Science, Genetic Counseling, International Peace and Conflict Resolution, Medical Science (Physician Assistant); or to doctoral programs in Physical Therapy and Special Education.