Student Handbook

Academic Advisers

Revised October 4, 2021

A faculty member will be your academic adviser if you have selected a major. Undeclared students will be advised by a professional adviser within the Undergraduate Studies Office. You and your adviser will discuss the various programs and opportunities available within your interests and objectives and will approve the final selection of your courses each semester. First-Year students are assigned an adviser for the year based on their tentative choice of major. A student may select, or the department chair can assign, an adviser at the time of official declaration of major early in the sophomore year. You are encouraged to make appointments with your academic adviser to talk about your academic concerns. Office hours for advisers are typically posted outside faculty offices.

Resource or Special Interest Advisers
  • ACT 101/Gateway Program Advisers – Cristina Cintron-Marsh, Anthony Reyes
  • Learning Resource Network – Linda Pizzi, Kathryn Duffy, Jessica Holdren
  • Professional Advisers – Cristina Cintron-Marsh, Kay Greene, Bruce Keller, Anthony Reyes
  • International Student Adviser –Alison DeNoble
  • Honors Program – Helene Klein
  • Global Connections Options - Joanne Lucena
  • Forensic Science – Karen Scott
  • Law and Public Policy – Chris Cerski
  • Pre-Med – Sheryl Smith
  • Pre-Nursing – Megan Wright
  • Pre-Physician Assistant Studies – Renee Lansgstaff
  • Pre-Physical Therapy – Ann Harrington
  • Pre-Vet – Sheryl Smith
  • Study Abroad Programs – Office of Global Engagement