Student Handbook


Revised October 4, 2021

A student must be registered for a course by the end of the drop/add period in order to attend the class.

Attendance at Classes

Because instructional methods, expected class participation and the nature of the courses vary, no fixed number of absences is applicable to all situations. Each instructor is responsible for making clear to the class at the beginning of the semester his or her policies and procedures in regard to class attendance and the reasons for them. It is expected that the instructor’s policies in this regard will be consistent with the conduct and the objectives of the course, including the emphasis placed on student contributions to the class sessions. You are responsible for work missed because of absence. In the event of illness, it is the student’s responsibility to contact appropriate faculty. With the student’s permission Student Health Services will confirm illness via telephone if contacted by faculty. Absence from class because of University-approved events (e.g., varsity athletic events, conferences) must be approved by the faculty member teaching the class. If students wish to miss class in order to participate in an approved event, they have the following responsibilities:

  • Content faculty at the earliest possible time to discuss anticipated class absences and to request permission to be excused from class.

  • If permission is given, arrange in advance to make up or compensate for work that will be missed.

In cases of prolonged absence from classes because of illness or other emergencies, the likelihood that you will be able to make up the work satisfactorily shalls, be determined through consultation among the instructors involved. It is your responsibility to report extended absences to the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Success.

Absences Before and After Vacations

Classes meet at the regularly scheduled hours immediately before and immediately after vacation periods, and you are expected to be present. Each instructor is responsible for holding class meetings before and after vacations, as at other times, and for setting whatever penalty he or she deems necessary for unexcused absences.

Religious Holidays

Arcadia University recognizes individual student choice in observing religious holidays that occur during regularly scheduled classes. You are encouraged to make arrangements with your instructors to make up work missed as a result of a religious observance, and instructors are asked to make every reasonable effort to accommodate such requests.

Field Trips

Field trips should be scheduled whenever possible during hours when conflicts with other classes are not involved. Participation under these circumstances may be required. (Advance notice must be given if an evening field trip is required.) However, the scheduling of certain field trips is dictated by the time the experience is available. When such trips conflict with your classes, participation is voluntary. Consult with your instructors as to the advisability of missing classes for a field trip in terms of your academic programs. Faculty members shall not be under any pressure from other faculty members to excuse students from classes for field trips. Faculty members shall not exert pressure on any students to absent themselves from other classes.