Student Handbook


Revised August 5, 2019

Our residence halls house more than 1,200 students. Though the rooms are primarily doubles and triples, there are also singles, quadruples and quintuplets.

Traditional first-year students are housed in Kistler, Dilworth, Heinz and Knight Halls. The Castle is the only residence hall that houses first-year students exclusively. Non-traditional first-year students and upperclassmen may elect to reside in an apartment-style or suite-style residence hall. They are Oak Summit Apartments, Knight Hall (suite-style) and Thomas Hall. Our office will work with these students to identify housing for which they are eligible and that will meet their needs.

The Castle spaces accommodate two to seven students, while Knight Hall offers living for groups of five to eight students. Apartment-style housing may accommodate two to four students per unit.

Thomas, Heinz, Castle and Kistler are co-ed by either floor or wing; bathrooms are single gender and are determined by the floor’s residents. (e.g. the bathroom on a female wing or floor must be female only).Dilworth Hall is co-ed by wing on the first floor, but co-ed by room on the second and third floor; one bathroom for men only and one for women only exist on each co-ed by room floor in Dilworth Hall. Knight Hall and Oak Summit Apartments are coed by room, suite, or apartment respectively. Knight Hall suites and apartment-style housing all feature private bathrooms.

Thomas Hall, named in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Morgan Thomas, was built in 1956. Three other residence halls were completed in 1962: Kistler Hall, Heinz Hall, and Dilworth Hall, named in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Raymon M. Kistler, Mrs. Vira L. Heinz, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Dilworth, respectively. Knight Hall opened in January 1997 and the University began housing students in apartment-style housing in September 2001.

If you are interested in living off campus, see Off-Campus Housing.