Student Handbook


Revised August 21, 2018

All residential students are issued a room key upon check-in to University housing. In addition, your Knight card activates the front door of the building in which you live. Students are encouraged to keep their ID and keys with them at all times.

Lost keys pose a significant safety issue. As a result, if you lose your key during the year, a lock change must occur. There are fees associated with a lock-change that range from $85 to $180. Despite the cost, students that have missing keys are expected to notify the Housing Assistant immediately by calling 215-572-4026. Duplication of any University key is strictly prohibited. Students will be held disciplinarily responsible for violations.

Upon vacating the room (due to an assignment change or at closing) you are required to follow proper check-out procedures designated by Residence and Commuter Life to return your key. If you fail to do so, you will be fined a $75 improper check-out fee in addition to the appropriate lock-change fee.