Student Handbook

Student Government Organization

Revised August 20, 2018

Student Government Organization
Second floor of the Commons,
Arcadia University’s Student Government Organization (SGO) is dedicated to serving Arcadia’s undergraduate population and providing an outlet for student voice. SGO encourages active participation within the university community and also promotes self-advocacy for all students. All full-time and part-time undergraduate students of Arcadia University are represented by the SGO. The purpose of the SGO is to enhance and strengthen student life at Arcadia University, maintain student rights and responsibilities, and foster communication throughout the University community. SGO is also responsible for the allocation of all budgets to recognized Arcadia University student organizations.

SGO meetings are held bi-weekly and are open to the entire University community. SGO officers and Senators represent resident and commuter students and are elected annually. The SGO Senate is comprised of four committees, each with a focus on a specific aspect of student life at Arcadia: Academic Services, Budgetary, Facilities, and Student Services committees. The Senate possesses legislative responsibilities for all matters within the purview of the SGO and acts as a coordinating agency for various out-of-class activities, including the allocation of funds for student events. The House of Representatives consists of student organization members who contribute ideas and information at meetings.