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Revised July 31, 2019

Office of Student Engagement & New Student Programs

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Stay connected with KnightLife, the main hub for all things student organizations and campus involvement. You can find campus events, become a member of a student organization, register for leadership and professional development opportunities, and more with just the click of a button. Download the KnightLife mobile app so you can check out campus events, on the go! 

Getting Involved in Student Organizations

Any undergraduate student may participate in student organizations.  A comprehensive list of student organizations is available HERE.

In order to serve as an officer of a recognized student organization, as a class officer, or as a Student Government Organization (SGO) executive board member or Senator, students must be full-time and in good academic and conduct standings with the University. These standards must be maintained throughout the term of office. In order to serve as an executive officer of the SGO, students must have a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.

Starting a Student Organization

If you are interested in starting an organization that we do not currently offer, please contact us at An overview of the student organization creation/reactivation process can be found HERE.

Helpful Information for Existing Student Organizations

Student organizations at Arcadia University serve as the backbone to many campus traditions and are an integral and vibrant component of the student experience. Over 60 student organizations plan social, educational, and service-related events and programs for the campus community.  Recognized student organizations are able to reserve space; participate in the bi-annual Activities Fair and other student organization fairs, including Family Weekend and Spring Fling; have access to Engagement and New Student Programs staff; and are eligible for a budget from the Student Government Organization (SGO).  

The Student Organization Handbook  serves as an important resource for members and officers as they build and sustain a successful student organization.  Included in this document are important policies and procedures, helpful tips on how to work with your advisor and liaison, and guiding regulations for how to facilitate a high functioning student organization.  Please take time to read the entire handbook and refer to it as needed.

Solicitation and Fundraising

No individual student or student organization, whether affiliated with Arcadia University or not, may sponsor activities on campus that have the express purpose of making converts of, or soliciting members of Arcadia University’s community. Arcadia University reserves the right to restrict or prohibit the on-campus activities of any individual or organization whose purposes are contrary to Arcadia University’s values and mission.

  • Individuals and organizations not affiliated with the University are not permitted to solicit the community in order to raise funds for an individual, organization, or cause.
  • As an individual student, you are not permitted to solicit the Arcadia community to benefit an individual, organization, or cause.
  • A student organization to which you belong may sponsor activities for the benefit of an outside organization or cause as long as the organization obtains permission from the Office of Engagement and New Student Programs.
  • To conduct a fundraiser, student organizations must submit the Fundraising Authorization Form at least two weeks prior to any anticipated fundraiser. Requests are reviewed and approved by the Office of Engagement and New Student Programs. Failure to complete the form two weeks in advance may result in the fundraiser not being approved. Fundraising is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Fundraising Authorization Form details specifics about the fundraiser, including anticipated date(s) and time(s), permissible saleable items, and any approved images and designs. After approval is given, any changes must be submitted via a new Fundraising Authorization Form. Questions should be directed to your ENSP liaison or e-mailed to