Student Handbook


Revised August 17, 2018

University Relations
16 Forsythe Avenue

On Campus

The Arcadia newsletter is published weekly throughout the academic year by University Relations and highlights news from around campus, which is updated daily on the Arcadia website (  

To submit a news tip or story idea, complete the form on the News section of the website.

Off Campus

The University Relations Office coordinates all off-campus publicity and has the following responsibilities:

  1. University Relations provides a flow of newsworthy information from faculty, students, staff, trustees, alumni, and donors to the news media. Any off-campus publicity must be cleared through this office. The University Relations staff can assist with publicity for certain kinds of student activities. Students should contact the news team at least 4 weeks in advance of an event to discuss publicity options. For the protection of each student as well as the University, students must notify the University Relations Office when they are contacted by the news media, including radio, television, newspapers and magazines. Individual contact information for the office can be found at
  2. University Relations also produces Arcadia, the University’s magazine for alumni and friends, in addition to flyers, brochures, posters, and newsletters. University Relations also manages and maintains the University’s official social media channels, although individual departments should manage their own accounts and are encouraged to do so.
  3. University Relations coordinates and promotes major University events, including Commencement and Honors Convocation, and special community events sponsored or supported by the University.

Please remember that, as members of the Arcadia University community, you are representing the University and serving as an ambassador whenever you are publicly identified with Arcadia University. For further information, contact University Relations, 215-572-2969.