Because Arcadia

Relaxation room at Arcadia

Kathryn Jones Nov 19, 2019 11:18 am

Self-Care for Midterms

When you think of self-care, your mind probably jumps to bath bombs, face masks, and sleeping in. These are all good options for wellness, but don’t stop there when it comes to practicing self-care in everyday life. It’s important to think of self-care less as a reward for doing a good job or...

Queer Eye cast members sit onstage speaking to large crowd.

Lashanna Bryant Nov 19, 2019 10:27 am

Arcadia Takes Over Comcast

There are only a handful of things that have happened in my life that have truly sculpted me as a person and, after this past summer, I believe one of those was working at Comcast NBCUniversal.  In a previous post, I mentioned that I was selected as an Emma Bowen Foundation...

David Hogg speaking to the Arcadia community in Kuch Center

Jessica Derr Nov 18, 2019 2:23 pm

Art from Activism

In October, campus was abuzz in anticipation of this year’s Common Read presentation. Common Read is an event that happens each fall semester. First-year students are assigned a book, usually pertaining to an important socio-political issue, that is discussed in both their English classes and their...

Flower show display

Feb 28, 2019 Jennifer Retter

Because Arcadia: Flower Power

Heidi Specht Mar 13, 2018 2:55 pm

My Home Away From Home

My first week in Chile was a brilliant blur of sunny beach days, delicious (and cheap) wine, Reggaeton, and the most difficult Spanish I’ve ever heard in my life. Coming to Chile can be a major culture shock, even for someone who knows Spanish and has previously studied abroad. Still,...

Jasmin Ramirez Dec 22, 2017 10:45 am

Alison Venditti, Assistant Director of Enrollment Management

“I have been on Arcadia’s campus since I was 14 years old, but my sister was the one to graduate from Arcadia University. I attended DeSales University and was a student worker and tour guide in the Admissions Office. When I moved back home after graduation, I began job hunting within...

Nov 7, 2017 William Snell

De-Stressing On and Around Campus

Clifford Long Apr 29, 2017 10:37 am

See You, AU

I had my last big trip as an IPAL on April 16. I think I realized it sometime during the day that Saturday, while waiting in one of the ridiculously long lines for a ride at Hersheypark. With perfect weather and it being my friend and fellow IPAL leader Olayinka’s birthday, I...

Helen Armstrong Apr 27, 2017 8:00 pm

Maura Revaew, '17, International Studies Major

  I randomly took Ceramics as a gen-ed and I fell in love with it. Now I’m here pretty much—well, I shouldn’t say pretty much—I’m here every day. The ceramics studio is my happy place. Ceramics has helped me be more articulate because you have to be really specific. You’re...

Doriane Feinstein Apr 24, 2017 12:00 am

Leo Fahringer ’19, Illustration major

I love Arcadia because it has a really open and friendly atmosphere. There’s never a feeling of apathy coming from this campus. Everyone is impassioned about something, and that’s what I really value. Arcadia is important to me because of the relationships I’ve created here. I...

Justin Rollins Apr 13, 2017 8:00 pm

Transferring and Never Looking Back

When I was finishing up my time as a student at Montgomery County Community College, I was considering several colleges in Philadelphia. But as I was applying, someone suggested that I check out Arcadia University. At the time, Arcadia wasn’t on my mind. While, yes, I did have some doubts—with...

Doriane Feinstein Apr 12, 2017 12:00 am

I Can't Believe I Did That

If “future me” came to visit myself senior year of high school and told me that I would transfer colleges and take a trip to Vietnam, I would have thought it was some kind of joke. But that’s exactly what happened. Thanks to Arcadia’s incredible Preview program, I had the...