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Dec 5, 2013 Purnell Cropper

Student’s Research Lauded by Genetic Society of America

Ann Josette Ramirez ’14 has received an award from the Genetic Society of America to present research at the society’s 55th Annual Drosophila Research Conference in San Diego in March. Her poster, “Exposure of larvae to Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) causes dysregulation of the dTOR signaling...

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Mar 8, 2013 Sarah Schwartz

Psychology Faculty, Students and Alumni Present at EPA Meeting

[wzslider autoplay="true" interval="4000" height="360" info="true"]Six faculty members, 12 undergraduate students, one graduate student and two alumni attended the annual meeting of the 84th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association in New York City, from March 1 to 4. They presented...

Mar 6, 2013 Purnell Cropper

Forensic Science Faculty and Students Attend AAFS Meeting

The 65th annual American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) meeting was held  Feb. 18-23 in Washington D.C. and was attended by faculty and students of Arcadia’s Master of Science in Forensic Science (MSFS) program. Second-year students Katie Tynon and Apisri Ieamniramit gave platform...

Mar 6, 2013 Sarah Schwartz

Counseling Student Gives a Voice to Survivors of Military Sexual Assault

The U.S. Air Force sexual assault scandal continues to shock the nation, after reporting preliminary figures of 796 recorded sexual assault cases in 2012—a 30 percent increase from 2011. In response to this rising pandemic, the Air Force conducted several thousand interviews to inform the...

Jan 31, 2013 Sarah Schwartz

Morris ’13M Lands Job in the Field within First Year of Study

By SARAH R. SCHWARTZ ’10 Photography JOSH BLUSTEIN Most counseling psychology students have to wait till their final year of graduate school to get practical experience in a counseling setting. However, Matt Morris ’13M, a student in Arcadia University’s master’s degree program in Counseling...

Nov 13, 2012 Sarah Schwartz

Inspired by Father's Police Stories, Paul Pursues Career in Forensic Science

By SARAH R. SCHWARTZ ’10 Photography CHRISTINA YEE ’13 Real forensic discoveries don’t come in half-hour episodes, neatly packaged. Anisha Paul ’13M, a second-year master's student in the Forensic Science program, knows that when it comes to research, breakthroughs are all about persistence and...

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Sep 24, 2012 Purnell Cropper

Cooper, Volk ’12 Publish Article on Myosatellite Cells

Instructor of Biology Sarah Cooper and Melissa Volk, who graduated from Arcadia with a B.A. in Biology in 2012, had their paper "Muscle Injury and The Role of Myosatellite Cells in Muscle Healing and Regeneration" published in the summer 2012 edition of the Journal of the Human Anatomy and...

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Sep 11, 2012 Sarah Schwartz

Biology Major Wins Award, Meets Nobel Laureate at Sigma Xi Conference

Sneha Thomas ’13, a Biology major with a Pre-Med concentration, won second place and received a Certificate of Award for the Excellence at the Northeastern Sigma Xi Research Symposium in April for her ongoing research examining oviposition preferences in the Asian tiger mosquito with Associate...

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Sep 7, 2012 Purnell Cropper

Mikulski Presents ‘Linking US Agriculture to the World’ at American Chemical Society National Meeting

Neil Mikulski ’02, ’04M, presented “Foreign Agricultural Service: Linking US Agriculture to the World” at the 244th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition: Materials for Health and Medicine, held in Philadelphia, Aug. 19-23. He graduated from Arcadia University with a B.A. in...

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Aug 29, 2012 Purnell Cropper

Wolf and Curotto Present Research on 'Ring Polymer Dynamics in Curved Spaces'

Dr. Manny Curotto, Professor and Chair of Chemistry and Physics, and Sarah E. Wolf, a junior Chemistry major who has been doing research with Curotto for two years, presented their work on “Ring Polymer Dynamics in Curved Spaces” at the 244th American Chemical Society National Meeting and...

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Aug 14, 2012 Purnell Cropper

Chemistry Alum Jacoby Wins TA Award While Pursuing Ph.D.

Kimberly Jacoby ’10, who is entering the third year of her doctoral studies at Temple University, will receive the Guy F. Allen Memorial Award in September. The award recognizes outstanding teaching assistants. She has served as a TA for the undergraduate Organic Chemistry lecture and laboratory...

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Aug 2, 2012 Purnell Cropper

Smith and Student Researchers Test Effects of Toxins Commonly Found in Household Items

By Chris Macchi ’12 Dr. Sheryl Smith, Assistant Professor of Biology, is researching the effects of four synthetic toxins on fruit flies. The chemicals—Bisphenol A (BPA), Parabens, Phthalates, and Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA)—are found commonly in American households. Of these toxins, BPA may be...