Apr 7, 2014 Purnell Cropper

2014 Preview Photo Contest Winners Announced

Eight hundred and twenty photos were submitted for consideration in Arcadia University’s 2014 Preview Photo Contest. Here are the results, as announced at Global Expo on April 5, 2014. Grand Prize Winners Photo by Jennifer Kocsis ’17. Location: Aran Islands, Galway, Ireland.   Photo by...

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Mar 7, 2014 Purnell Cropper

Students Take Off on Arcadia’s 21st Preview

Prepared to travel a collective 183,106 miles as part of the University’s Preview program, Arcadia students warmed their hands, posed for pictures, and sang “So Long, Farewell” in front of Taylor Hall before boarding buses headed to the airport on Friday, March 7. A total of 388 Arcadia freshmen...

Apr 15, 2013 Purnell Cropper

Preview Photo Contest Winners Announced at Global Expo

More than 850 photos were submitted for consideration in Arcadia University’s 2013 Preview Photo Contest. Here are the results, as announced at Global Expo on April 12. Grand Prize Winners   Marissa Warren ’13, Belize (ID Course)   Honorable Mention Ryan Carson-Burch ’16, Athens,...

Mar 30, 2013 Sarah Schwartz

Global Expo: Previewers Return from Abroad to Share Their Stories

When the final Preview group made it back to campus late Sunday night, it was confirmed: all 396 first-years, 51 transfer students, and 46 faculty and staff leaders had returned safely from 17 countries across four continents. All together, they traveled more than 156,000 miles—six times the...

Mar 20, 2013 JoLynne Bremmer

Preview Photo Contest: Submit Your Best Shots

Students who are traveling out into the world this spring break are encouraged to submit photographs for this year’s Preview Photo Contest. The contest has four themes: ‘Preview’ Through My Eyes: Capture a moment engaging in the culture, making new friends abroad, or discovering a part of the...

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Mar 8, 2013 Sarah Schwartz

Preview: Arcadia Students Depart for a World of Discoveries

On March 8, the first of more than 450 first-year and transfer students participating in 21 Preview courses braved snowy conditions on the way to their destinations—17 countries across four continents. Passports pocketed, students will study U.S.-Cuba relations in Havana, the Cold War in Berlin,...

Nov 13, 2012 Sarah Schwartz

Arcadia University Ranks #1 in Study Abroad

Arcadia University continues as a top university in the United States for study abroad. Arcadia is ranked #1 for the percentage of undergraduate students participating in a study abroad experience of master’s level schools, according to the Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange...

Sep 21, 2012 Purnell Cropper

Excitement Blooms at Preview 2013 Kickoff

By FRANCESCA MAYR ’16 Photography CHRISTINA YEE ’14 Students bobbed their heads in time to world-beat music while perusing display tables along the Walk of Pride at Preview Kickoff. The colorful, crowded event provided a first look at Preview 2013 destinations—a whopping 19 locations around the...

Sep 5, 2012 Sarah Schwartz

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Arcadia University a Pacesetter in International Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education featured Arcadia University in the article "For a Growing Number of Freshman, Packing for College Requires a Passport," on Sept. 3. Contributor Ian Wilhelm reports that a growing number of universities are encouraging students to study abroad early in their college...

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Jul 30, 2012 Purnell Cropper

Martin-Molina ’73,’03M Bridges Gap Between U.S. and Cuba, Helps Develop Study Abroad Program

Sitting in Blankley Alumni House, Pam Martin-Molina ’73,’03M recalls the first time she saw Fidel Castro on television, punctuating statements with a dramatic wag of his finger. A young girl at the time, she was immediately fascinated by the charismatic leader and curious about Cuba. Now Martin-...

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May 25, 2012 Purnell Cropper

Barton Honored With 2012 Martha Washington Award

The Martha Washington Award is presented to one Arcadia University faculty or staff member at the annual end of the year Awards Luncheon. The distinction was created to honor Martha Washington, a housekeeper in Grey Towers Castle who began working for the school in 1946. Working (by her own account...

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May 10, 2012 Purnell Cropper

Porcasi ’12 Discovers Sustainability Abroad and the Entrepreneur Within

There is always something new to learn in the field of Graphic Design. Jon Porcasi ’12 knows this better than most. After four years of study, including three study abroad experiences and three internships, he’s emerging from Arcadia with much more than a B.A.—he’s familiar with the pace of this...