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Jan 7, 2016 Caitlin Burns

On-Verge Talks About Arcadia’s “Mind-blowing” Art Gallery Shows

Arcadia University’s Art Gallery and its curator, Richard Torchia, were highly praised in a Dec. 15 post on the Cue Art Foundation's online publication, Artist and critic Daniel Gerwin wrote that he “regularly had [his] mind blown by Arcadia’s shows, including of Ray Johnson, and...

For the past eight years, Abbey Ryan '03 has created a new painting each day.

Oct 20, 2015 Christopher Sarachilli

Author Seth Godin Praises Abbey Ryan’s Commitment to Craft

Abbey Ryan ’03, assistant professor of art and design, was cited by bestselling author Seth Godin as an example of dedicating oneself to producing on a daily basis. In his blog post, Godin rejects the idea of writer’s block, encouraging writers to write each day, just as Ryan has dedicated herself...

Arcadia's chair, third from the left on the rear wall, was originally purchased for 2001's "Printed Matter" exhibit.

Oct 16, 2015 Christopher Sarachilli

Temple University ‘Borrows a Chair’ from Arcadia

Arcadia has donated a chair to Temple University’s annual “Borrow a Chair” project, which collects chairs from area schools and organizations to display as part of the university’s Temple Contemporary exhibitions. This year, 75 organizations donated chairs as a symbol of support to Temple’s art...

Oct 7, 2015 Christopher Sarachilli

Oct. 7: Students to Hit Runway in Wearable Sculpture Show

Can you imagine a different version of yourself? What do you believe in, and how does that define you? Have you considered the complexities of disguise? How would you image a superhero that does not yet exist to look like? Ponder these questions at the ninth annual Wearable Sculpture Show...

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Sep 29, 2015 Christopher Sarachilli

'Threading the Maze,' Featuring Work by Krasner, Murray, Ringgold, Schapiro, on View at Arcadia Through Oct. 18

The Arcadia University Art Gallery is pleased to present “Threading the Maze”, an exhibition featuring works by Lee Krasner, Elizabeth Murray, Faith Ringgold, and Miriam Schapiro. On view through October 18,  the show features paintings, works on paper, fabric collages, and quilts by artists...

Aug 11, 2015 Christopher Sarachilli

Photos: Student-imagined Lifeforms in Atacama Desert
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Dec 4, 2014 Purnell Cropper

Art and Design Professors Turn Awbury Arboretum into Living Art Gallery

Two art and design professors are turning Philadelphia’s Awbury Arboretum into a living art gallery. Associate Professor of Art and Design Carole Loeffler and Adjunct Professor of Art and Design Maryann Worrell will create and install eight site-specific sculptures throughout the Arboretum. The...

Dec 4, 2014 Courtney Wright

Jessica Mallepalle ’16: ‘A Math Major’s Aesthetic’

While Jessica Mallepalle ’16 is acutely aware of the beauty of math, she is finding that art does not always adhere to the rules and logic of mathematics. Read how the math major and art minor rises to the challenge of an art project to steer her right-brain left, allowing her analytical side to...

Marcella Haddad Nov 30, 2014 7:00 pm

Monsters in the Museum

  There is a room in the Philadelphia Museum of Art that is a replica of a French abbey, complete with a running fountain. It’s the most peaceful, beautiful, serene place in the world—unless hordes of rowdy college students are stomping through it on free admission day. “Why...

Nov 20, 2014 Daniel DiPrinzio

University, Scholarship Recipients Express Thanks to Donors at Evening of Appreciation

As guests entered the Commons Great Room on the evening of Friday, Nov. 14, they were met with words displayed on a large metal sculpture, reading: Transform, Grateful, Create, Fulfill, Change—sentiments that so aptly described the second annual Evening of Appreciation, an event to thank donors and...

Marcella Haddad Oct 29, 2014 8:00 pm

Reality Check

Everyone has a point in their lives where they realize that they have to grow up and stop believing in fairies and magic. For me, that point just happened to be halfway through my first semester of college. It had been building up for weeks. We’d been reading nothing but realistic fiction in...

Oct 29, 2014 Purnell Cropper

Megan D’Avella ’16: ‘A Glimpse into Our Professors’ Artistic Worlds’

Arcadia University’s Faculty Exhibition offers students, such as art history major Megan D’Avella ’16, the opportunity to check out what their instructors are up to outside of the classroom. D’Avella, whose interest in art exhibitions led her to the Contemporary Curatorial Practices course, has...