Event Calendar Listing

Getting Your Event Listed

The process for having your event listed has changed as we are no longer using the calendar that was tied to the Room Reservation (EMS) system. 

Ways to Get Your Event Listed
  1. Use the Event Calendar Listing Form to submit your event for listing.
  2. Become a Calendar Editor. You'll have the ability to create and manage your own events on our website. Contact Maria Tanner for more information.
About the Event Listing Process

To complete the Event Calendar Listing Form you will need:

  1. Approval of your space by Conference Services
  2. Event Title
  3. Event Date(s) and time(s)
  4. Location – Building name, room, or off-campus street address.
  5. Description – This description will be displayed to viewers. Please provide information and details about your event in sentence form, with correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.
  6. Contact person’s name and email address

Upon submission, the form goes to Conference Services and University Relations. We will confirm your reservation and publish your Event Page. For student organization events, Student Engagement will review and approve the listing before it is published. You will receive an email when your event has been published.

Do you have additional publicity needs for your event? Visit University Relations’ Event Planning page to learn about our services and timelines.

About Our Calendar

The Arcadia website has a new Calendar and new features to publicize events.

Event Page: Each event has its own page that display the event title, dates and times, description, contacts and a map. An image or graphic can be displayed as well.

Event Categories and Tags: When creating the Event Page, the Event receives a category. Viewers are able to filter on the main Calendar by Category to view events. Events can also be tagged to further target their display.

Event Calendar: The Calendar default displays all event in a month view. Viewers can apply/remove filters to only display a certain type of event. Clicking on the event title takes the viewer to the Event Page for complete information.

Page Event Feeds: Data from Event Pages is filtered and displayed on pages throughout the site. For example, Prospective Graduate Student Events appear on the Graduate Admissions page. Alumni events appear on the Alumni homepage.

Event RSS Feeds: Widgets are available on MyArcadia’s home page to add a filtered list of events to your home page. The feeds allow you to easily view a schedule of upcoming events when you log into MyArcadia. Examples are Campus-wide Events (lists the upcoming 5 campus-wide events), Athletic Events, Student Activities.