Strategic Plan

About the University's 2013-18 Strategic Plan

Envision Arcadia University five years from now. That's exactly what Arcadia’s Board of Trustees was doing when it appointed a Strategic Planning Committee in January of 2013. Comprised of the Provost, students, members of the Board, faculty, and staff, they were charged with openly and transparently developing a new five-year strategic plan for the University. Keeping to an inclusive planning process, the Strategic Planning Committee worked diligently, constituting input and feedback from the University community—trustees, administration, alumni, faculty, students, staff, and external community.

The result was the purposeful Arcadia University 2013-2018 Strategic Plan that charts the five-year course for Arcadia University to move forward as a comprehensive private institution that is a nationally-ranked leader and pioneer in study abroad.

The Five Themes

Theme 1

Enhancing Academic Excellence

Theme 2

Strengthening a People-Focused University Community

Theme 3

Deepening the University's Engagement with External Communities

Theme 4

Improving the University's Resources, Financial Processes and Infrastructure

Theme 5

Committing to Institutional Diversity and Global Engagement

These five themes address the current challenges at this stage of Arcadia's evolution and places the University on the right path toward our next level of excellence.