Theme 1: Enhancing Academic Excellence

Strategic Goal

Enhance Arcadia's focus as a comprehensive, globally engaged University that combines a strong foundation in the arts and sciences with innovative professional programs.


  1. Strengthen assessment of and professional development for effective teaching/learning practices and environments in both traditional and newly emerging modalities.

  2. Undertake a collaborative planning process to determine:

    • The appropriate size of individual academic programs and the University;
    • Priorities among strategic growth opportunities;
    • The goals for the appropriate number of full-time faculty and staff, and begin hiring to reach those goals.
  3. Develop programs to increase students’ success as evaluated by outcome measures such as graduation rates, continued educational pursuits, transition into a profession, and other scholarly and creative accomplishments.

  4. Build on the University’s strengths in Integrative Learning and The Scholarship of Engagement by ensuring that faculty, staff and students have the opportunity to make meaningful connections among disciplines, classroom learning and the world beyond the classroom.

  5. Institute a comprehensive professional development program for faculty and increase organizational support and resources that enhance faculty and student research, scholarship and creative activities within and beyond the University and the nation.

  6. Increase intellectual collaboration across all Colleges, Schools, Departments, Programs, Centers and Institutes in the University.