Theme 2: Strengthening a People-Focused University Community

Strategic Goal

Promote a University in which students, faculty, staff, alumni, and trustees are empowered to create a place for life-long personal development and to contribute to a shared sense of community. 


  1. Ensure the University leadership values and effectively practices appropriate transparency and multi-directional communication regarding strategic direction and decision-making while promoting these practices among all members of the University community.

  2. Promote civility in all interactions by encouraging understanding of and consideration for the individual uniqueness of all community members.

  3. Engage the governing bodies representing faculty, staff, students, alumni and trustees to determine the effectiveness of their current institutional governance structures and practices and reform them in ways appropriate to Arcadia’s mission, culture and complexity, and that enable enhanced communication, collective problem solving and the implementation of shared goals.

  4. Assess, enhance and more effectively coordinate established practices that provide students personal attention through formal and informal mentorship, advising and support.

  5. Enhance full and part-time faculty and staff welfare.

  6. Establish effective professional enrichment opportunities for staff that facilitate their career advancement.

  7. Develop and enhance alumni’s diverse roles in contributing to and benefiting from the life of the University and promote a wider community understanding of the importance of these roles.

  8. Create a shared sense of ownership of the development of a lively, thriving intellectual, creative, social, recreational and athletic campus environment.

  9. Strengthen communication among, knowledge about, and promotion of shared goals and activities at the University’s multiple domestic and international sites.