Theme 4: Improving the University's Resources, Financial Processes, and Infrastructure

Strategic Goal

Develop mission-driven resource allocation, planning and fiscal management practices that: ensure financial viability; enable faculty and staff participation in decisionmaking; generate diversified revenue streams; and address facilities, technology and other infrastructure needs.


  1. Improve budgeting and financial reporting to align resource allocation with the strategic goals of the University in a transparent, collaborative manner.

  2. Analyze the benefits and costs of academic and administrative units and initiatives. Determine specific areas for generating efficiencies and improving effectiveness to inform strategic and operational decision-making.

  3. Update the Campus Master Plan and generate a multi-year capital budget for improvements to academic facilities, living and dining facilities, and athletic and recreational spaces.

  4. Enhance the learning and technological infrastructure required for a vibrant academic environment and student life.

  5. Explore revenue sharing opportunities that will encourage innovation.

  6. Strengthen existing human resource management practices to maximize the collegiality, effectiveness and efficiency of the University’s employees.

  7. Increase restricted and unrestricted annual giving and participation rates.

  8. Develop fund raising campaigns that prioritize needs and identify where the strategic direction of the University intersects with donors’ interests.

  9. Decrease tuition dependency by increasing alternative revenue sources.

  10. Undertake a collaborative planning process to determine the optimal size for Arcadia University regarding domestic campuses, centers abroad and online presence.

  11. Establish criteria for evaluating capital projects and major expenditures.