Works on Paper: A Mixed Media Exhibition

February 6–27, 1987
Beaver College Art Gallery


This is a significant show. Patterson Sims ... has been able to assemble a stunning group of pieces for the walls of the Beaver College Gallery.

-William Southwell
Art Matters

Beaver College's Department of Fine Arts is sponsoring an annual, juried exhibition "Mixed Media, Works on Paper," at the Beaver College Art Gallery, Easton and Church Roads, February 6–27, 1987. Supported in part by a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on Arts, the show features 35 pieces, each representing a different area artist. It is one of the few shows in the Philadelphia area limited to works on paper. (This year works which included a full range of mixed-media, as well as traditional drawing techniques executed on paper, were eligible.)

"With the incredible amount of artistic energy in the region, this exhibition continues to be an important showcase for the emerging artist, as well as for those with established reputations, " said Gallery Director Zina Goldsmith. "The response we had for entries was overwhelming. We received almost twice as many works as we had anticipated."

The exhibition opens Friday, February 6, 1987 with a reception from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM in the Gallery. A symposium, "Discussion by the Artists," will be held Wednesday, February 18, 1987 at 2:30 PM. The events are free and open to the public.

Patterson Sims, associate curator of the Permanent Collection, Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, juried the event. He selected the 35 works from over 425 pieces submitted, choosing a wide range of mediums, techniques, and subject matter. "A variety of graphic expressions to suggest something of the power and ambition of the Philadelphia region's works on paper," said Sims. "The selection process was daunting, but curiously straightforward, as the selected works seemed to want to be together."

The artists in this year's exhibition include Ronald Abram, Martha Armstrong, Alysa Bennett, Michael Boroskev, Rita Rosen Buch, Joyce Fillip, Virginia Gibbons, Ken Gray, Penelope Harris, Lauren Litwa Holden, Rebecca Johnson, Debra L. Koenig, Perry  Kopchak, Nina Levy, Enid Mark, Anne Minich, Gary Moore, Susan Moore,  Patricia Moss-vreeland, Steven Nelson, Jeanne Nugent, Paul R. Porambo, Richard Proctor, Peter Raub, Celia Reisman, Anthony Rosati, Art Salazar, Rachel Selekman, Rita Siemienski, Catherine Smith, Signe Sundberg, Stephen Talasnik, Michael Williamson, Michael Willse, and Gilberto Wilson.

Works by Armstrong, Harris, and Sundberg are presented courtesy of Gross McCleaf Gallery. Works by Boroskey, Rosati, Selekman, Smith, and Talasnik are presented courtesy of Dolan/Maxwell Gallery.


The Philadelphia Museum of Art Award
Michael Willse

American Equity Development Company, Inc. Purchase Award
Lauren Holden

Claire and Harold Yarmark Purchase Award for the Beaver College Permanent Collection
Alysa Bennett

Barbara and Frank Osinki Purchase Award for the Beaver College Permanent Collection
Richard Proctor