Work-Study Through Community and Civic Engagement

Federal Work-Study is a federally funded financial aid program that typically allows students to work in on-campus positions. But at the Community and Civic Engagement Center, we want to get you engaged in the surrounding community.

If you are eligible for Federal Work-Study (a part of your financial aid package), we can place you in a position to gain relevant practical experiences off campus. These include many non-profit organizations, many of which are listed below. Check out testimonials from other students, then come talk to us—even if the thing you are looking for isn’t listed, we can try to help you find it!

We also offer positions that serve the Arcadia and greater community on campus: working in the Community and Civic Engagement Center. The members of the CCEC Team work to coordinate annual events like the Empty Bowl Benefit Dinner, Alternative Spring Break and New Student Day of Service, as well answering the volunteer requests of the community. By working in this office, they dedicate an immense amount of time while building critical skills like budgeting, computer and technical skills, design and advertising, event planning and more.

Ready to start now? Look below to see the descriptions for each individual site to determine one you may be interested in. Fill out the form below and stop by our office—we’ll work with you to find where you’ll fit best.

Work-Study Placement Application

Work-Study Sites

Adults with Developmental Disabilities

ADD is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting adults with disabilities ranging from Familial Dysautonomia to Autism. Their mission is to nurture personal relationships, positive work habits, and greater independence for developmentally disabled adults. They also work to support caregivers and try to increase acceptance in this area. Work-study students are required to assist facilitators during weekly discussion groups, go on weekly educational trips, and update member policies and procedural records. 

Awbury Arboretum

The mission of the Awbury Arboretum is to preserve the historic Awbury house and landscape that surrounds it while connecting the urban community with history and nature. Students working at the Awbury Arboretum should be a creative and self directed students majoring or minoring in marketing. The student will be responsible for Awbury’s social media pages and the promotion of upcoming events.

Baby Bureau

The Baby Bureau is a non-profit organization designed to provide baby bundles for newborns to new, underserved mothers after delivery in the hospital. Work-study students are given the responsibilities of creating the bundles for newborns, sorting through donations given for bundles, and washing and organizing baby clothes for the new families. The Baby Bureau is seeking a student who is interested in Graphic Design and Video Editing to create bookmarks, posters, flyers, etc. to promote their non-profit.

The Bridge Clinic/Rescue Purrfect

Rescue Purrfect is a nonprofit organization which aims to better the lives of feline friends. Offering shots, spay, and neutering services, the clinic offers high quality care for pets with low service costs to pet owners of all economic backgrounds. Rescue Purrfect aims to provide the most loving and nurturing environment for cats and owners. Students working at The Bridge Clinic/Rescue Purrfect have the opportunity to work hands on with the felines at the site. Responsibilities include cleaning and building cages, feeding the pets and assisting the supervisor with events that are happening at the clinic.

Briar Bush

Briar Bush Nature Center offers 12 acres of nature sanctuary for individuals of all ages who wish to explore and protect nature in the local Abington area. The mission of Briar Bush is to connect curious individuals to nature with scientific inquiry. Students working through the CCEC have the opportunity to work in various positions at Briar Bush such as an Animal Care In, in the Butterfly House, as a Natural Land Intern, and as a Public Programs Intern. Transportation is required for working at Briar Bush.

Brush With the Law

Brush With the Law is a non-profit organization that helps bring awareness to and foster an understanding of people who experience the effects of drug addiction and the criminal justice system. Brush With the Law aspires to connect people back to their community through finding and developing city beautification projects such as murals, mosaics, art exhibits and much much more. This organization is looking for volunteers interested in product research, fundraising, graphic design, fine arts, and marketing.

Cheltenham Township School District After School Programs:

Cheltenham High School Mentoring Program

Cheltenham High School offers an afterschool homework club to help students in Math, Reading, and English. Student workers are tasked with assisting and tutoring the students that attend the homework club.

Cheltenham CLASP

The after-school CLASP program at Cheltenham Elementary school aims to create a safe environment for students to engage in challenging, quality activities in addition to a regular school day. Work-study students assist teachers with roughly 20-30 students in outdoor activities, homework, and other activities planned by Cheltenham teachers. 

“Working here is a unique experience that will definitely broaden your mindset and increase your social and emotional abilities. I would advise students to talk to the children and get to know them.” Aldo Andrade ‘20

Glenside CLASP

The after-school CLASP program at Glenside Elementary school aims to create a safe environment for students to engage in challenging, quality activities in addition to a regular school day. Students assist teachers with roughly 20-30 students in outdoor activities, homework, and other activities planned by Glenside teachers.

Myers Elementary After School

At the Myers Elementary after school program students work with children from kindergarten to grade 4. Students working at the after school program are responsible for assisting children with homework, supervising the playground, and facilitating activities prepared by supervisors.

Wyncote CLASP

The after-school CLASP program at Wyncote Elementary school aims to create a safe environment for students to engage in challenging, quality activities in addition to a regular school day. Students assist teachers with roughly 20-30 students in outdoor activities, homework, and other activities planned by Wyncote teachers. 

Cheltenham Township School District In-School Programs:

Glenside Elementary 

Students work with children from kindergarten to grade 6. In the classrooms for this site, students help the teachers grade assignments, prepare lessons, and assist the children with homework.

“I definitely strengthened my teaching skills and knowledge of best practices in education. These skills will transcend into all future teaching experiences.  I developed positive relationships with staff and students; leading to my role as a student teacher in the second grade classroom I serve in.” Olivia Bates ‘18

Myers Elementary 

Students are paired with specific teachers from K-4 in classrooms to assist in grading student assignment, watching students, and helping in planned activities set up by the students’ teachers. 

“This job has better prepared me to be an education major as I have an up-close view of the career. It has allowed me to learn how to best communicate with these kids and has helped shaped my views of the classroom.” Halli Smeltzer ‘20

Wyncote Elementary 

Students are paired one-on-one with teachers seeking assistance. Work-study students work with their paired teacher to grade student assignments, carry out activities planned for the students, and help with students with assignments. 

“The experience is great, you build a connection with the students and teacher and really wish you could be there more. My advice would be to remain patient and open, friendly, and really try to understand where students are struggling and how you can help them succeed.” Samantha Caldero ‘18

Chestnut Hill Business District

The Chestnut Hill Business Association (CHBA) is a membership organization for its 125 retailers and restaurants and more than 200 professional and sustaining members. The Chestnut Hill Business Improvement District is supported by commercial property owners with a mission to keep the Chestnut Hill Business District clean, safe, and beautiful. The BID also supports marketing efforts throughout the year. Interns will assist with daily tasks as well as planning and execution of events. Depending upon the intern’s interests and major(s), specific projects can be developed to enhance the intern’s experience. Interns will also be asked to participate in committee meetings for upcoming events; assist with social media and grant writing; answer phones; and assist with the planning and execution of Chestnut Hill events, such as Food and Fashion at the Fareway, Heart Health on the Hill, and the Harry Potter Festival.

Community and Civic Engagement Center Office (CCEC)

The CCEC is a student run office located at Arcadia University. Under the supervision of Cindy Rubino, staff members are in charge of organizing, planning, and supervising student sponsored events such as Empty Bowl, Dr. Seuss Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service and Flea Market. Staff members are also in charge of facilitating volunteer opportunities for Arcadia University students. 

Congolese Family 

Working with a nearby church, student volunteers worked with a family who spent 10 years in a refugee camp. The volunteers focus specifically on aiding the family’s school age children with their homework after school, and helping the younger adults with their English and acclimation to America. 

“I developed skills as a tutor as well as furthered my skills of working with young children. I gained experience working with refugees and understanding the needs of the family. It helped me work on my ability to teach English which I may want to pursue in the future.” Emilie Gottlieb ‘18

Forgotten Cats

Forgotten Cats is a shelter that brings in feral cats and provides them with spaying or neutering. The students are responsible for cleaning cages, giving food and water to the cats daily, and socializing with cats who are waiting to be fostered or adopted. 

“I would recommend anyone to volunteer/work for Forgotten Cats because I personally find it enjoyable. It is something that I look forward to every week, as not only do I get to interact with animals, but the staff are also nice and are willing to provide assistance/instruction where it's needed.” Melissa Schuler ‘20

Glenside Library 

At the local public library, our students assist the librarians with various ongoing projects happening at the library. Work-study students provide much appreciated weekly support to the librarians.

Holy Redeemer Hospital

Students perform various types of duties, which include talking to and taking care of the patients by transporting them and feeding them. Students commonly volunteer in the dementia unit when they begin and can be transferred to Maternity, NICU, Physical Therapy, or Emergency Room preparation. Students are able to shadow professionals at this site in order to gain experience in their desired field.

“Through my participation, I learned better communication, organization, and time management skills. I learned how to balance my job with school work and the other skills can definitely help me in my future studies.” Marilyn La ‘19

Hope Lodge 

Hope Lodge offers lodging at no cost for cancer patients and families, while patients receive care at Fox Chase. The organization provides a caring and supportive environment for guests and their loved ones. Work-study students at this site are expected to assist with front desk duties by providing office support, answering phones, and greeting guests. Students are also asked to aid employees with turning over rooms, which consists of removing linens and towels, making beds, light dusting and vacuuming. 

“My experience is humbling and eye opening because on a daily basis you are interacting with cancer patients. Because of that, my advice would be to always put a smile on and be as nice as you can and simply enjoy their time working with these people.” Sarah Todaro ‘18

Loaves and Fishes

Loaves and Fishes Jenkintown Food Cupboard provides food and clothing at no cost to low income Montgomery County residents. Students are expected to take inventory of food on the shelves and in the supply room, restock shelves, assist with clothing donations, and aid patrons with shopping and eligibility forms.

Mitvzah Circle

Mitzvah Circle Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps people in poverty and crisis through care packages, usually containing clothes, shoes, books, household goods, toiletries, and diapers. MCF also provides ongoing assistance and referrals based on the help or assistance that the individual or family needs. Students participate in different internship positions within the organization including psychology/social work, social media, adminstrative support, and public relationships. Students help with various activities including phone calls, processing paperwork, and working face to face with individuals the organization is assisting. 

North Hills 

At North Hills Learning Center, Arcadia students will interact with children in grade 1 through 8. Students are expected to read, play educational games, participate in recreational activities, and assist children with homework and assignments. Volunteers are also asked to assist teachers with lessons when needed. Work-study students will extend student learning with these activities.

“I gained patience, empathy, better communication skills, the ability to better understand people's emotions non-verbally, and creativity.” Chelsea Faulkner ‘18

Northwest Counseling Center

Northwest Counseling Service, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that was founded for the purpose of providing real estate and housing counseling services to Philadelphia area residents. They seek to encourage the availability of safe and decent housing, support the financial stability of residents to secure and maintain decent housing, and to educate individuals and families to make informed choices.

Phoebe Wyncote 

Phoebe Wyncote is a small, intimate senior residential community in which work-study students are expected to work one-on-one with residents, assist in rehabilitation therapy, and be able to transport patients. Students also have the duties of covering the front desk, working the gift shop, monitoring patients, and running activities. Students with pre-physical therapy interests may be able to acquire patient contact hours by shadowing the Physical Therapists based on schedule availability.

Rydal Park 

Rydal Park is an assisted living home dedicated to the care of the elderly. Rydal Park is seeking students who are friendly, outgoing, and computer-comfortable to work with the residents on computer problems. Students will also be expected to “teach” courses to small groups about sending emails, shopping safely online, and creating Word documents. These students must be very patient and respectful towards the residents, mature, clear-speaking, and willing to take the time needed to teach.

“I gained communication skills, work life skills, and more of a passion for working with the elderly.  I will utilize these skills as I intend to pursue a career working in a long term facility.” Elissa Zuczek ‘18

Schools for Sustainability 

The goal of Schools for Sustainability (S4S) is to empower students by teaching sustainable self-sufficiency. Their curriculum emphasizes science, technology and engineering and puts them into practice to show students how to feed themselves and their communities. The students at this site should have interests related to curriculum building, marketing/international business, or social media management. 

Seeds of Hope 

Chelten, a Church of Hope sponsors Seeds of Hope; a food pantry which helps local individuals obtain meals for free/low costs. Seeds of Hope looks for students who will be welcoming in a religious place to help stock shelves and unload the delivery trucks when they arrive during the week. The organization also needs volunteers during the open hours of the pantry to help assist individuals as they collect their goods.  

Simply Equal Education

Simply Equal Education is a non-profit that is dedicated to teaching children worldwide about how they can be an active agent for social change. SEE is looking for a student who is interested in researching and writing grants. This work-study student would be responsible for seeking out funding opportunities, researching these opportunities, and drafting grant proposals/applications. This student will need to be excellent at communicating and will be required to check in with supervisor at least once a week via phone or email.

Stenton Manor

Stenton Manor is a family shelter that provides a place for homeless children to play, grow and develop, explore their interests, and strengthen their academic skills. Students assist children K through 12 with homework, music, drama, science, math, and arts and crafts. Students also help to socialize the children with other students and volunteers. This site is recommended for students interested in education, sociology, psychology, and criminal justice. Students should have outgoing personalities, patience in teaching, creativity in making learning fun, and an interest in a knowledge of school subjects for grades.

“I learned a lot about being more understanding of other people's backgrounds, to look at their situation before responding to a behavior. I learned about how to interact with children that have a lot of anger issues or get overwhelmed very easily and how to calm them down. I was introduced to an entirely new lifestyle and it definitely changed my perspective.” Christina Anderson ‘18

Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership Inc. (TTF)

TTF is committed to improving the health and vitality of the watershed by engaging communities in education, stewardship, restoration, and advocacy. Work-study students support watershed improvement activities and undertake a variety of tasks. Students assist with communications including social media and photos; water quality monitoring; preparing materials for community events; supervising volunteers; and greeting and informing the public at community events. Students are also expected to undertake various research projects and assist with general office administration.

United Way

United Way is a national nonprofit organization that works to better connect volunteers with needs in their community. They help to alleviate some of the financial and marketing burdens that come with nonprofit volunteer work. This work-study position is ideal for someone with experience and/or interest in the following areas: website management, marketing and communications, social services, and volunteer engagement.

Won Community Service Center 

WCSC serves 250-300 low-income families and minorities in three areas: education, counseling, and social work in partnership with community and schools. This site offers free English as a Second Language classes to children and adults. Arcadia students help with homework, answer questions, and assist the teachers in evening classes twice a week. There is also a position available for students interested in bookkeeping and accounting, as well as a more independent tutor postion.

“I got to develop some more patience because that's very important when you're trying to teach someone a language and everyone's at different levels. Also being in a multicultural environment, trying out different teaching methods to see who learns best doing what, and confidence talking in front of a large group of people." Natalia Perez ‘19

Wyncote Place 

Wyncote Place is a non-profit senior living facility aimed at providing top notch care for its residents. Students help by assisting with the Life Enrichment Programs sponsored by the facility such as Memory Care and Respite Care. Students can also work with the residents by helping to fulfill needs they may have. Arcadia students have the opportunity to help create a safe, comfortable and enjoyable living experience for the senior residents living at Wyncote Place.