Joyce ’20 Featured by Funimation for #LGBTcosplay Pride Month

By Caitlin Burns | September 19, 2019

Caitlin Joyce cosplaying as Sakura Minamoto

Sociology major Caitlin Joyce ’20 was featured on the official Funimation Instagram account on June 19 during their #LGBTcosplay Pride Month celebration. Funimation, one of the leading anime distribution companies in North America, posted a photo of her cosplay, a costume based on the design of a fictional character. 

“Cosplay has been an outlet for me to express myself since I was 14, so I was incredibly shocked to be contacted by one of the biggest company names in the anime industry,” said Joyce. “I was honored that they not only wanted to share my costume for the work I put into it, but also to celebrate me for who I am.”

The cosplay featured in the post was based on the character Sakura Minamoto from the Japanese television show “Zombieland Saga.” Joyce collaborates with psychology major Kaitlyn Jones ’20 to hand craft the costume outfits and props she wears to a variety of anime conferences throughout the region each year, including Katsucon in Washington D.C., AnimeNext in Atlantic City, and AnimeNYC in New York City.

“Pride Month is an important milestone for us to give a space to our fans in the community” said a Funimation representative. “It also truly means a lot to us when we hear how much anime and cosplay influences our fans lives.”

Joyce chronicles the creation of her cosplay outfits and props on Instagram at .cosplay.