Study Abroad at James Cook University with Arcadia University

James Cook University
Preliminary Course Instructions

Course Load and Credits
Course Restrictions
Choosing Your Courses
Course Approval
Enrollment Process
Other Important Points

Course Load and Credits

You are required to maintain a full-time course load throughout your period of study in Australia. A full-time course load is defined by Arcadia University as 14-16 U.S. semester hours of credit; this is the equivalent of 12 units at James Cook University (JCU). Refer to the credit translation scale below when selecting your courses:

Australian University Credit Point Units U.S. University Semester Hours of Credit
2 2.5
3 4
4 5
5 6.5
6 8


Course Restrictions

Study Abroad students are not permitted to enroll in courses in the following areas:

  • Honours subjects and Postgraduate level (Level 4 and above, except in Law and Engineering).
  • Some External or Limited mode subjects.
  • Block subjects with inappropriate dates (dates should be checked). If unsure, you may select the subject and we will check if you are able to take it.
  • Any MD, ML, PC, PS, RH, TV subjects.
  • Some subjects are only available to students completing their full degree at JCU or graduate students.


Choosing Your Courses

You should include at least 8-10 courses on your Preliminary Course Form to allow for scheduling changes, time conflicts, prerequisites or cancellations. Your flexibility is very important to the process.

When selecting your courses from the university's website, you should be aware of some differences in terminology:

Australian Term U.S. Equivalent
Faculty School or College
Course Degree
Subject Course
Course Outline Syllabus
Semester 1 Spring Semester
Semester 2 Fall Semester

From the JCU website,

  • You can refine your search by narrowing down the following fields:
  • by campus (Townsville or Cairns)
  • by Study Period (SP1=Spring semester; SP2=Fall semester)
  • by level (undergraduate)
  • by subject code prefixes
  • When results are shown, you can click on each subject to see a subject outline and prerequisites.
  • You can tell if a subject is 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level by the first number in the subject code - i.e. MB2050 is a 2nd Level subject. (Most Study Abroad students can only study at 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels depending on if prerequisites are met.)

You may ONLY select courses available on, either, the Townsville or Cairns campus. Please be sure to know your campus preference and limit your course selections to one campus.


Course Approval

James Cook University will review your Preliminary Course form for approval and your Program Manager will email you JCU's approved subjects, included in your official JCU Offer Letter.

You will be required to rank your approved courses in numerical order of preference and send this completed document back to your Program Manager. JCU will attempt to pre-enroll in your subjects based on your order of preference, taking into consideration timetabling conflict and other issues.


Enrollment Process

James Cook University gives you access to their online portal approximately 2-3 weeks prior to departure. You will be able to access their online portal using your JCU Student ID number, located on your Certificate of Enrollment (COE). From this portal, you can view your study plan and timetable.

Your Program Manager will email you links and instructions to access JCU’s online portal approximately 2-3 weeks prior to departure.

The Arcadia University Australia Centre requires that you enroll in only one 100-level type course for the semester. To enroll in additional 100-level courses, you must appeal your timetable with the Associate Director of Queensland during orientation.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are registered for a full academic load according to your home school. Please review your course choices with your academic or study abroad advisor, and submit the preliminary course form to The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University.

Every effort will be made to place you in the courses you originally request. However, neither James Cook University nor The College of Global Studies can guarantee approval or placement in any course. Your first choices may not be available due to schedule changes, time conflicts or cancellations. Alternate course approval and flexibility is extremely important.


Other Important Points

Additional course fees may be associated with some of your overseas course work (i.e. courses that include laboratory work, field excursions or theater trips). Please see our fee information online here.

In some cases, James Cook University will request that you submit syllabi or an updated official transcript. Please have this information available should we need to contact you for this material.

Arcadia University does not issue pass/fail grades for work completed overseas. If you intend to enroll in a unit that is assessed pass/fail, please contact Arcadia University to discuss the procedures associated with the grade translation.