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University of Stirling Housing Information

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The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University, in conjunction with the University of Stirling, guarantees you accommodation in one of Stirling's self-catered flats. University regulations require that you contract to remain in your assigned housing for the full duration of your program.

There is no meal plan offered at the University of Stirling, but students have access to kitchen facilities to make their own meals. Also, cafeterias are available on campus to purchase meals. Here is information about the cafeterias, dining rooms, and cafes on campus:

Student Rooms - Semester/Year

Most international students are assigned to a single study bedroom in either a student flat or student residence hall. 

Student flats consist of five to eight individual study bedrooms with shared kitchen and restroom/shower facilities, as well as a shared living area. 

Student halls consist of individual study bedrooms on a corridor, with shared kitchen space and either ensuite facilities or with shared bathroom facilities on the floor.

Some rooms have ensuite bathroom facilities; rooms without ensuite facilities have washbasins in each bedroom and easy access to shared shower and toilet facilities. 

You can find individual housing descriptions on Stirling's website here: Please note that not all residences are available for study abroad students.

Student Rooms - Summer

Stirling Summer students will be housed in self-catered student flats on campus with shared bathroom and kitchen facilites.

Due to the structure of the Stirling Summer program, it is not possible for students to choose to live off-campus.

Housing Forms

You will need to fill out housing registration forms on Stirling's website after acceptance, as well as on Arcadia Passport. Your Program Manager will provide further information about this process at the proper time.



The University of Stirling provides the following to all students:

  • Sheets and pillowcases
  • A duvet/comforter and pillow
  • Kitchen appliances, basic kitchen furnishings, and food storage areas
  • You will need to provide your own towels, cooking utensils and cutlery. These items can be purchased inexpensively in Stirling. Launderettes are available in Geddes Court.

Telephones and Computers

Rooms are not currently equipped with telephones. Computer network sockets have been installed in each room. Computers connected to these sockets have access to all of the computing resources on campus, including filestore, email and print facilities, and use of the internet for web browsing. There will be a small charge per semester for this service, and students can purchase the appropriate network cable on campus.


Some residences have electricity meters which work on a pay-as-you-go system. The meters have to be topped up from time to time in order to keep the electricity running in the flat. If you are placed in one of these residences, Arcadia will provide you a stipend to cover that cost. This is included in the Arcadia housing fees as outlined at

Residence Hall Costs

The program fee includes housing while classes are in session. Arcadia pays the housing fees on your behalf.

Housing Between Terms

If you would like to remain in residence during part or all of a long break (winter break or spring break), the cost will be covered by Arcadia University. Only full year student are eligible for housing over winter holiday. You will be responsible for making your own arrangements with the accommodations officer and for paying the appropriate fees. You may then submit your receipt to our Edinburgh office for reimbursement. You may be asked to change rooms. If you do not wish to remain in residence over break, you may be asked to store your belongings. Storage areas will be available to you.