Cultural Enrichment & Orientation Abroad

New Zealand StudentsAt Arcadia, we are committed to helping students maximize their time abroad and to providing an academic experience that integrates the unique extra-curricular resources of each program site into the learning process.  You can count on our overseas staff to advise you and support you in achieving your individual goals and objectives as well as providing you with the tools to interpret and effectively deal with the challenges of living in a new cultural environment.

Each Arcadia program begins with a thorough orientation (this is mandatory for all program participants). You'll learn about the location where you will be studying, be briefed on safety and security issues and have an introduction to the culture. You can also expect guided tours, an introduction to the politics and history of the country and some participatory activities aimed at introducing you to your host country. That may mean going to a play in London or Dublin, a museum tour in Madrid or Rome, or nature walks in Australia or New Zealand. 

Throughout the duration of your program, you will be invited to take part in the events and excursions planned by our staff.  These activities are designed to enhance your understanding of your new home. Our staff will encourage you to look below the surface of the culture in which you are living.