Study Abroad in Scotland with Arcadia University

Cultural Enrichment & Orientation in Scotland

“Scotland is a gorgeous place, full of ruggedness and charm that has a way of getting to your very soul.”

-Jessica Timmington, University of St. Thomas student, studied at University of Edinburgh.

Cultural Enrichment

Co-curricular activities offered throughout the semester are designed to enhance your understanding of British culture. You are invited (and encouraged!) to participate in any or all of these activities, depending on availability. For participants on programs based outside of Edinburgh, Arcadia will provide hostel vouchers and a railcard in order to facilitate participation in Edinburgh-based activities.

Our Scottish staff will discuss this in detail—including dates and how to reserve your place—during orientation. All Arcadia co-curricular activities attach great importance to the notions of safety, experiential learning and cultural understanding.

For details on some of our recent excursions, refer to the information below: