Study Abroad in Greece with Arcadia University

Cultural Enrichment & Orientation in Greece

"Studying in Greece changed my life."

- Megan Reynolds, University of Florida student who studied in Greece with Arcadia.

Cultural Enrichment

To actively participate in another culture you will need to acquire new learning techniques and survival strategies. You will need to look so that you really see things and then think about the things you have seen in order to make sense of them.

The Arcadia Center's Greek Key seminar aims to enable students to unlock the door to cross-cultural understanding through language learning, experiential activities and an exploration of the tools and theories of intercultural communication necessary to uncover the invisible values and assumptions that inform Greek society. This course forms the cornerstone of the Arcadia program in Greece and is facilitated by a team of faculty facilitators.


In addition to the field study, a fundamental component of all classes in Athens (except the Greek Key and Semester Internship), you are invited to take part in a full schedule of events, excursions and lectures - all designed to enhance your understanding of Greece.

Our Greek staff will discuss this in detail—including dates and how to reserve your place—during orientation. All Arcadia excursions attach great importance to the notions of safety, experiential learning and cultural understanding.

Many events are determined by the SSC (Student Services Council) at the Arcadia Center, which is comprised of program students. For details on some of our recent excursions, refer to the information below: