Study Abroad at Swansea  University

About Swansea University

Swansea University gives you the flexibility to cross-register among 34 academic departments. A typical course load during the fall term or spring semester is six courses. Courses are taught primarily in a lecture and seminar format and are supported by smaller tutorial sessions.  

There is a very active American studies program, (you can learn how others view our history, language and culture) as well popular Anthropology and Sociology departments.

Outside of studies, you'll enjoy plenty of social and cultural opportunities. You'll be a member of the University's Students' Union, which sponsors more than 120 clubs, societies, and organizations. You'll also find a Sports Center that provides excellent facilities for competitive athletics and recreational activities. Campus-based arts centers offer ongoing exhibitions, live performances, films, and concerts. Of particular interest is the Taliesin Arts Center, which hosts international performers in dance, theater, music and comedy.

With its variety of outdoor activities including surfing, sailing, canoeing and kayaking, its sandy beaches, small fishing villages, and large modern city, Swansea is an ideal choice for students who want to experience a very different part of Great Britain.

You will be placed in university housing (either on or off campus) in a hall that includes a shared kitchen where you can prepare your own meals, or in a hall that includes a cafeteria and offers a meal plan. The Arcadia University College of Global Studies guarantees your accommodation and handles these arrangements for you. 

Facilities and services are available for students with special needs. The campus houses a Recording for the Blind Center and specially adapted housing. For more information, contact your program manager.