Study Abroad at Stellenbosch University

  • Study abroad at Stellenbosch University offers a strong commitment to internationalization, with over 22,000 students from more than 200 different countries.

  • The University is located in the lovely winelands of the Western Cape, 45 minutes from the center for Cape Town.

  • Students will experience a truly international, integrated study abroad experience.

  • Students choose from a range of exciting courses in English.

  • A summer program is also available.


At Stellenbosch University, an array of languages are spoken on campus – some you will recognize and many you will not. Besides English, Dutch, Mandarin, and French, you will also hear Xhosa, Ndebele, and of course Afrikaans. Afrikaans, one of the two designated European-based languages in South Africa (English is the other), is the official language of instruction for the Stellenbosch University.

At Stellenbosch, study abroad students can integrate into the campus community quite successfully, but also have the benefit of courses selected and taught exclusively for visiting international students. For the student looking for a curriculum that focuses on the history, politics, languages and culture of Southern Africa - this is an ideal program. All Stellenbosch faculties are open visiting students based on language access and course scheduling and a full course load consists of 4-5 courses per semester. Faculties include Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Economics and Management, Education, Health Sciences, Law, Science, Theology and Arts.

A unique feature of life at Stellenbosch is the very active International Students Club on campus. This organization was founded and is run by full time degree seeking Stellenbosch students, some of whom are South African and others who are international. They throw a welcome party at the beginning of each academic year, organize outings such as camping weekends and wine tasting and also support a very well developed volunteer service program for international students.

In addition to your coursework at Stellenbosch, all students are required to participate in the core course, "Introducing South Africa: History, Politics and Culture," which is intended to provide a forum for reflection and analysis on current issues and challenges facing South Africans.

Contact a Past ParticipantCredits

  • Fall semester: 14-18 credits
  • Spring semester: 14-18 credits
  • Academic Year: 28-36 credits

Admission Requirements

GPA Requirements: 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale

You must be in good academic standing and not on disciplinary probation. You need to submit a complete application including a transcript, letter of recommendation, and an advisor's form before your application will be considered.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall semester: March 15
  • Spring semester: October 1