Study Abroad in France with Arcadia University

Staff Supporting Our Programs in France

Our experienced staff in France and the U.S. provide comprehensive guidance, conduct orientation programs, and facilitate cultural enrichment activities. Our staff is happy to listen to your specific goals and interests and advise you on program options that match these desires, as well as help you understand and appreciate the cultural influences that make France unique.

In France

Expert Staff France Eileen Servidio Eileen Servidio, Ph.D.
President, Professor,
Chair of International Law,
Head of AGS Research
Expert Staff France Jennifer Wright Jennifer Wright
On-Site Student Affairs Officer
Expert Staff France Joyce Lett Joyce Lee
Program Coordinator
Expert Staff France Douglas Yates Douglas Andrew Yates, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, AGS

In the U.S.

Expert Staff Student Services Francisco Aragon-Guiller Francisco Guiller
Program Manager
Emma Gottbrath Emma Gottbrath
Enrollment Counselor