Chemistry and Physics

A Proven Formula for Inspired Learning

Sometimes our greatest power lies in the questions we ask rather than the answers we already know. As a Chemistry or Physics student at Arcadia, you’ll tap into this scientific curiosity and enjoy unique opportunities to:

  • engage in publishable research
  • perform customized lab work where you’ll play a central role
  • combine your science studies with other academic paths

As you take your first college step toward a professional career, it’s important to be challenged but also to know that your professors are by your side. You’ll find this at Arcadia and discover the true scientist in yourself.

About Arcadia's Chemistry and Physics Program

Students in Arcadia’s Chemistry and Physics program enjoy a highly individualized, hands-on learning experience, with notable opportunities to engage in publishable research and participate in unique, customized in-house labs. The small campus setting fosters a strong sense of community, where students are encouraged to ask and explore questions with support from a dedicated and distinguished faculty. The standard set of coursework is approved by the American Chemical Society, providing a solid foundation that prepares students for a wide variety of careers. Special academic tracks are offered for students interested in forensic science, business and engineering.

  • The standard set of courses is approved by the American Chemical Society, ensuring that Arcadia students receive the same solid learning foundation they would receive at any top institution.
  • The Chemistry and Physics Department is distinguished by the unique opportunities it provides for students to engage in publishable research and participate in customized in-house labs.
  • Published work by students and faculty has appeared in top tier journals such as The Journal of Chemical Physics, Chemical Physics Letters, and Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry.
  • Customized labs created by Arcadia faculty promote greater hands-on experience (e.g., running equipment such as the MMR), and foster a greater sense of independence among students.
  • The small size of the program supports a family-like atmosphere, where students enjoy individualized attention from faculty and a feeling of camaraderie among peers.
  • Department faculty members are published in top tier journals (see above) and have degrees from distinguished institutions such as Yale University and the University of Massachusetts.
  • Students are able to pursue a wide range of study abroad opportunities, including studies at the highly distinguished University of Stirling in Scotland.
  • Students may apply to participate in summer research on campus, which includes housing and a summer salary. (Students must be selected for this research.)
  • Faculty work closely with students on Senior Capstone projects, which provide outstanding opportunities for hands-on lab work that distinguishes students on college resumes.
  • Chemistry coursework prepares qualifying students for Arcadia’s 4+2 Program Leading to a Master of Science in Forensic Science. (Note: Many students are especially interested in forensic science based on feedback from open houses, etc.)
  • Qualifying chemistry students also may pursue Arcadia’s 3 + 2 Engineering Program with Columbia University in New York City.
  • An undergraduate degree from Arcadia prepares students for a wide variety of careers in areas such as chemical allied professions, health professions, forensic science, business (e.g., pharmaceuticals), engineering and others. Also, a number of students go on to pursue advanced academic degrees. 



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