Morgan Everitt '11, Acting Major

Requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts
in Acting

(A minimum of 64 credits, with Undergraduate Curriculum requirements and electives to total 128 credits)

The B.F.A. is an intensive four-year sequential course of study in acting, the speaking voice, speech, movement, dramatic literature and the history of the theater, supplemented by skills in stage combat, dance, gymnastics, improvisation, mask work, make-up, and audition techniques. The schedule is rigorous; in a typical week, a student works directly with faculty for 27 to 40 hours and spends a comparable amount of time in preparation.

The first two years of training focus on the development of the actor’s imagination and an exploration of his or her inner resources as they relate to the external demands of the craft. Students in their first semester of their first year of study are not allowed to audition for departmental productions, in order to allow them time to focus on their coursework and to adjust to college life. Admission to the third and fourth years is by invitation of the faculty. During the third and fourth years, classroom work broadens to consider the elements of style and modes of behavior in various historical periods. B.F.A. candidates are continuously engaged in rehearsal and public performance.

The productions provide a wide range of opportunities for performance and production work. They are directed by visiting artists and resident faculty, all of whom are working theater professionals.

Common Curriculum

1. Stage Practicum

  • TH 191 Stage Practicurn and Crew I
  • TH 192 Stage Practicum and Crew II

2. Theater History and Literature: 6 credits

  • TH 199 Theater History
  • TH/EN 361 Seminar: Modern Drama

3. Acting: 28 credits

  • TH 150 Improvisation
  • TH 165 Method Acting
  • TH 241 Acting: Scene Study
  • TH 275 Acting and Directing for the Camera
  • TH 341 Acting in Modern Theater
  • TH 343 Commedia del’ Arte
  • TH 344 Acting Shakespeare
  • TH 345 Acting in Film and TV
  • TH 490 Advanced Workshop in Theater

4. Voice and Speech: 8 credits

  • TH 101 Voice and Speech I
  • TH 102 Voice and Speech II
  • TH 203 Voice and Speech III
  • TH 204 Voice and Speech IV

Additional Requirements for the B.F.A. in Acting

All of the courses listed under the common curriculum plus the following courses:

1. Dance and Movement: 10 credits

  • TH 221 Dance and Choreography
  • TH 222 Stage Combat I
  • TH 301 Neutral Mask
  • TH 302 Lecoq Technique Movement

2. Writing, Directing and Design: 12 credits

  • TH 211 Stage Makeup
  • TH 303 Business of the Arts
  • TH 330 Directing
  • TH 350 Playwriting

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