Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree Requirements

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(111 credits)

Students must meet the following requirements:

  1. A minimum of 79 weeks of classroom work. (Courses are listed below.)
  2. A minimum of 34 weeks of full-time clinical study.
  3. An overall minimum GPA of 2.70 maintained throughout the program. A grade below “C” is not acceptable toward the degree.
  4. Continuous enrollment. If extenuating circumstances make additional time necessary, approval to continue beyond the expected 2 1/2 years must be obtained from the Department Chair and the Physical Therapy Review Committee. Students who withdraw for reasons other than academic or clinical performance may re-apply for admission. Departmental approval is necessary for re-admission.

First Year   (View Course Descriptions) 

Fall (18 credits)

  • PT 605 Introduction and Exposure to Physical Therapist Practice (4 credits)
  • PT 615 Physical Therapy Examination/Evaluation Skills I (2 credits)
  • PT 625 Physical Therapy Intervention Skills I (4 credits)
  • PT 645 Physical Therapy Integrative Care and Practice I (3 credits)
  • PT 675 Biomedical Foundation Sciences I (5 credits)

Spring (22 credits)

  • PT 616 Physical Therapy Examination/Evaluation Skills II (4 credits)
  • PT 626 Physical Therapy Intervention Skills II (5 credits)
  • PT 636 Exposure to Physical Therapy in a Health Care System (1 credit)
  • PT 646 Physical Therapy Integrative Care and Practice II (4 credits)
  • PT 676 Biomedical Foundation Sciences II (8 credits)

Second Year   (View Course Descriptions)

Summer (17 credits)

  • PT 717 Physical Therapy Examination/Evaluation Skills III (2 credits)
  • PT 727 Physical Therapy Intervention Skills III (2 credits)
  • PT 747 Physical Therapy Integrative Care and Practice III (4 credits)
  • PT 777 Biomedical Foundation Sciences III (9 credits)

Fall (12 credits)

  • PT 718 Physical Therapy Examination/Evaluation Skills IV (2 credits)
  • PT 728 Physical Therapy Intervention Skills IV (2 credits)
  • PT 738 Clinical Education Experience I (8 weeks) (4 credits)
  • PT 748 Physical Therapy Integrative Care and Practice IV (2 credits)
  • PT 778 Biomedical Foundation Sciences IV (2 credits)

Spring (22 credits)

  • PT 819 Physical Therapy Examination/Evaluation Skills V (6 credits)
  • PT 829 Physical Therapy Intervention Skills V (6 credits)
  • PT 849 Physical Therapy Integrative Care and Practice V (4 credits)
  • PT 879 Biomedical Foundation Sciences V (6 credits)

Third Year   (View Course Descriptions) 

Summer (6 credits)

  • PT 860 Clinical Education Experience II (3 months) (6 credits)

Fall (6 credits)

  • PT 870 Clinical Education Experience III (3 months) (6 credits)

Spring, ending in February (8 credits)

  • PT 805 Physical Therapist Practice II (4 credits)
  • PT 869 Independent Study (2 credits)
  • PT 899 Clinincal Decision Making (2 credits)

Clinical Experience

Each student must successfully complete 34 weeks of full-time clinical experience before graduation and a part-time experience equivalent to one week of clinic time. The full-time clinical experience consists of eight weeks in an inpatient or outpatient setting in the second fall of the program after completion of the first didactic year. Upon completion of the second academic year, students begin their culminating clinical experience, referred to as an internship. This final clinical assignment, which lasts for 26 weeks, is a hybrid between traditional clinical education and the residency model of clinical training that is rich in mentoring and structured learning experiences to facilitate accelerated learning. Clinics affiliated with this program are among a select group with strong relationships to Arcadia’s program and the patient-centered curriculum. These facilities are primarily in southeastern Pennsylvania and offer a wide variety of experiences designed to foster clinical decision-making skills necessary for physical therapists in today’s healthcare environment.


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