Majors Abroad Programs (MAPs)

Majors Abroad Programs (MAPs) require an academic year (two semesters) of study abroad. Students in MAPs will usually spend their junior year abroad, returning to Arcadia's campus in Glenside, Pa., to complete an integrative senior capstone project.

Global Media Studies

Global Media StudiesThese global media majors require one year of study abroad in the Creative Industries program at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Students have a multitude of options to develop their interests, skills and talents in one of four areas.

Spanish Cultural Studies

Spanish Cultural SeriesStudents in this Majors Abroad Program will spend at least one year abroad in Toledo, Granada or Barcelona, Spain. The Spanish Cultural Studies major assumes the student has mastered the language component and focuses on the study of specific areas such as the culture, art, history, politics, geography, literature, cinema, music, or the economy of the Iberian Peninsula.

Global Legal Studies

Global Legal StudiesThis B.A. degree is designed to provide undergraduate students with individual courses and study abroad experience that will enable them to better understand both U.S. and world legal issues. It is designed for students who are interested in careers in law and/or international relations.

Sport Psychology

Sports PsychologyThe Sport Psychology major incorporates a year of study abroad after students have studied psychology basics at Arcadia's campus in Glenside, Pa. Students will spend their junior year abroad, either at the University of Stirling (Scotland) or the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland).

Sports Management

Career opportunities in Sports ManagementCareer opportunities in Sports Management involve working with professional teams and leagues, college athletic departments, conference offices, national and international amateur associations, public and private recreational agencies, club and facility management, marketing and event promotion, sports clothing, and more. Students in this major travel abroad for a full year to complete all but one of their specialized courses in Sports Management at Bond University in Australia. An internship experience is required and provides an opportunity to integrate classroom learning with real-world applications. As with other specialty areas in business, students could receive the Bachelor of Science degree by completing additional courses in mathematics.

Italian Studies 

Italian StudiesThe Italian Studies major centers its core of courses in language skills, culture, literature, cinema, and the arts. The most significant aspect of this major is the requirement for students to spend at least one year in Italy and complete their major courses in cities such as Florence, Rome or Perugia. The Italian Studies major is designed for students interested in pursuing graduate studies related to the Italian language and literature. This major provides an in-depth study of different areas of Italy, including its culture, its role in the European Union, and its immigration and emigration patterns.

French Studies

French Studies major provides in-depth study of France and its civilization.The French Studies major provides in-depth study of France and its civilization. Courses revolve around language skills, history, politics and international affairs, culture and civilization, cinema, and the arts. The most significant aspect of this major is the requirement for students to spend at least one year in France. Studying at the American Graduate School of International Relations and Diplomacy, Arcadia’s affiliated program in Paris, provides a unique exposure to international affairs, and taking courses at the Alliance Française allows students to immerse themselves in French language and culture.


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