Leadership Training and Development Program

Opportunities for leadership training and development are available to students through Student Affairs. Opportunities include workshops, retreats, conferences and individual consultation, all of which are designed to enhance the leadership skills of students and assist student clubs and organizations in their functioning. For more information contact the Student Affairs Office, 215-572-2933 or the Office of Engagement and New Student Programs at 215-572-4082.


LEAD=Leadership Exploration and Development is a comprehensive leadership development program which provides fun and beneficial opportunities for students. LEAD is a series designed for those who wish to develop strong leadership abilities which will further enhance their university experience, their personal lives, and their marketability for future leadership opportunities, both within the walls of Arcadia University and beyond. 

National Society of Leadership and Success, Arcadia Chapter
In Fall 2013, Arcadia became a new chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success. All students regardless of chapter membership can take advantage of live broadcasts of keynote speeches by national and international business and non-profit leaders, leadership development workshops, networking opportunities, and community service initiatives.  

Philadelphia Leadership Educators Network

As a member of the Philadelphia Leadership Educators Network (PLEN), Arcadia University can provide students with additional opportunities for leadership by connecting with other colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area.

Commuter Assistants

The CAs are undergraduate students who are selected for their interpersonal skills and their willingness to aid commuter students. They go through extensive training and are meant to serve as resources for commuter students. The CAs are also very important conduits of information to Residence and Commuter Life Staff.  CAs are selected in the Spring for the following year. If you are interested, contact Residence and Commuter Life. 

Orientation Leaders

The OLs, are returning undergraduate students who volunteer their time to help the transition of new students to the College. These student leaders undergo extensive training during the Spring, Summer and Fall. They work during the summer during Summer Orientation Days and come back early in the Fall to help with New Student Orientation program. For more information including eligibility requirements, the selection process and dates for next year, contact The Office of Engagement and New Student Programs.

Resident Assistants

The RAs are undergraduate students who assists students and the Residence Life staff in developing and implementing an educational and social environment for residents. They also serve as a resource and peer counselor, and assume related administrative responsibility for undergraduate residential students. The position includes a primary level of responsibility for monitoring and documenting student conduct, and reporting and monitoring of building operation concerns on the Arcadia University campus. For more information about the position please contact Residence and Commuter Life.

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