Italian Cultural Studies

Italian Cultural Studies

Seat of the Roman Empire and birthplace of the Renaissance, few countries have had as much impact on western civilization as Italy. Arcadia’s Majors Abroad Program (MAP) leads students to a Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies. The Italian Studies major centers its core of courses in language skills, culture, literature, cinema, and the arts. The most significant aspect of this major is the requirement for students to spend up to one year in Italy and complete their major courses in Perugia, Italy.

What to Expect

  • Completion of 44 credits devoted exclusively to Italian culture-related areas of study
  • Advanced level study of Italian language, culture, conversation and pronunciation
  • Interdisciplinary coursework on cinema, the Mafia, and the Italian-American experience

Career Paths

Careers in art, food, fashion, work within museums, international business and education, diplomacy and government relations, and positions within communications, and travel and hospitality industries are among the many ways Italian Studies graduates have used their skills and Italian cultural literacy.

Degree Requirements