Dual Enrollment

A highly beneficial college experience for your high school students

Dual Enrollment at Arcadia University is an exciting academic opportunity for high school students. By taking a university course during both their junior and senior year students learn to challenge themselves academically and gain valuable experience in preparation for college.

Information for High School Students

Arcadia’s Dual Enrollment Mission

Dual Enrollment offered through Arcadia University is an enrichment activity that allows qualified high school students to earn college credits. Courses are offered on the main campus or in a cohort format at the student’s high school. 

Dual Enrollment is designed to encourage a broad range of students to experience postsecondary education at a reduced cost. The result is a relevant, experientially rich and academically sound educational experience for the high school student.

Arcadia offers agreements with high schools to provide significantly reduced tuition rate to their students who take Dual Enrollment courses. Agreements can be written for high schools to allow the students to earn credit concurrently or as dual enrolled.

Arcadia University is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Dual Enrollment Goals

  • Delivering high-quality college experience to high-performing high school students who have mastered or nearly mastered the complete high school curriculum. 
  • Enriching and extending the high school curriculum through college-level coursework. 
  • Providing a college experience while the students are still attending high school in preparation for their college years.

Enrollment Eligibility

The student must be a junior or senior in high school (transcript required) and meet the following requirements: 

  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher 
  • Be recommended for academic readiness by the high school guidance counselor/ principal  
  • Obtain signed approval to participate by parent(s)/legal guardians(s)

Program Delivery Options

Classes Taught at Partner High Schools

Arcadia University partners with select high schools in the Philadelphia, Montgomery County, and Chester County areas to offer onsite classes. A minimum of 10 student enrollments is required for a course to run at your high school location. Courses at your high school will occur within the traditional university academic semester and meet all the requirements of a credit bearing course. Start and end dates may be modified to meet the high school academic calendar. Academic dates and deadlines will be adjusted to reflect any modifications. The University will establish the dates each semester for enrolling, dropping and withdrawing of courses offered at your high school location.

Classes Taught at Arcadia's Glenside Campus

Students may take a selected class on the main campus mixed in with Arcadia's traditional undergraduates. Students will be exposed to the same social and intellectual life challenges as their peers in the classroom. Students who take classes at Arcadia's Glenside Campus must follow the academic semester calendar as established by the university for on-campus enrollment. This includes dates for adding, dropping or withdrawing from a class.

Building a Successful Working Relationship

Students accepted into Dual Enrollment need to be motivated to reach their academic goals and demonstrate the responsibility and maturity needed to be successful on a college campus. The program represents a unique relationship of shared responsibility among high school administrators, the student themselves, the instructor, as well as Arcadia University. All students selected to participate in  

Dual Enrollment are academically vetted as high achieving students within their respective high schools.

Academic Advising

Arcadia believes that providing students with an ongoing, comprehensive, personal, interactive advising process is important for student success. Therefore, the University is committed to providing students with the guidance necessary to make appropriate academic and career decisions. Each student is assigned a program coach who will help them through the registration process and throughout the semester providing assistance as needed.


All students enrolled in Dual Enrollment will be charged fees at the rate established in the program agreement with their high school. Fees associated with dropping and withdrawal policy follow established university policies. All payment is due at time of registration, unless the high school has made alternate arrangements in their agreement with Arcadia.

Course Selection and Transferability

Arcadia University is a regionally accredited institution, and academic coursework transcribed should be eligible to transfer to other four-year colleges and universities. However, Arcadia cannot guarantee transferability to all colleges and universities. Students are strongly advised to consult with the institution of their choice to determine transferability of credits earned as concurrent or dual enrolled if their high school elects to offer courses as dual enrollment.