Study Abroad Mentor Program

Who We Are

The Study Abroad Mentorship Program (STAMP) is a student-led group of mentors who have previously studied abroad and are passionate about sharing their experience with others. These mentors participate in a variety of events on campus and are available for students to connect with via email to ask questions, get advice, or even just chat about their experiences.

Connect With Us Below

Cheyenne Alexandra Baker

Olivia J Baumgartner

English conc. Creative Writing

Heather Ann Bounds

Kaylee Elizabeth Bumpus

Steven Paul Cammarano

Anthony David Devantier

Amanda R Dombroski

History & Politics, Government, and Law

Brenna Rhiannon Dufour

Kayla Elizabeth Drago

Riley Benjamin Erb

Daniel Eduardo Fink

Annaluz Camahalan Fox

Emmalee S Gagnon

Alexandra M Heilbron


Catherine Voretta Hill

History andy International Studies

Kaitlin M Jock

Zachary Konopa

Sarah E Krimson

International Studies

Ashley E Kratz

Ashley V Lamoreaux

International Studies

Jeremy M Lepore

International Studies

Justin T Lewis
Jenna R Lussier

Sport Management

Mary P Murray

Global Media

Molly Naylor
Haley Morgan Nixon
Allison Marie Nye
Benjamin Alexander Robbins
Hope Catherine Sabin
Katie M Sacher
Emily C Schneider
Tierra S Tobin
Destiny Jenise Torres
Jules A Turner
Jeffrey R Weiss